The Woodgrain Future

At the moment, white is probably the most common colour for double glazing frames. The main reason for this is price: white glazing frames are less expensive than coloured and wooden frames.

Over the next ten years, we are expecting to see a decrease in white window frames and a rise in coloured and wooden textured frames, because people tend to care much more than before about their windows and how much they impact their houses. White frames remind people of the first double glazing frames from the eighties, which were almost all white. Because of this connotation and of the lower price white frames can make homes look old and cheap.

With new technology, there is the opportunity for a variety of colours and textures. Multifold Doors have 150 RAL colours available for you to choose from, as well as the option to add the very popular Woodgrain effect to the door frame. The Woodgrain effect is achieved by applying a special spray to the frame, resulting in the frame looking like real wood. This technique is becoming more and more popular as people are using their windows in different ways and are taking different approaches to their windows by, for example, investing in bi folding doors and gable windows.

If you are looking to create a traditional effect on an old home with wooden features, the Woodgrain effect is perfect for you. It is now becoming very popular for Victorian terrace housing to have extensions into their long, often thin gardens. We have found that these extensions are frequently kitchens with a wooden theme. Heavy oak tables, wooden work surfaces, and minimalist wooden chairs fit perfectly with Origin Woodgrain bi folding doors. They have the same fantastic benefits as ordinary bi folding doors but with a textured coating.

Why not just get real wood, you may ask. Well, you certainly could and there are many double glazing installers who use wood. However, wood will soon become incompatible with modern glass and the people who have them will be left in the past. We stock aluminium doors and windows because they are future proof.

At Multifold Doors we all look towards advancements in windows and doors. Factors like materials, design, coating, styles, and colours will all have an effect on the future. Please click on the link to find out more about our windows and doors.

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