Introducing the new Origin Artisan Sliding Door (OS-20)

The epitome of slimline elegance combined with cutting-edge design. Multifold Doors brings you this exceptional range that redefines the boundaries between your indoor sanctuary and the natural world outside.

The Artisan Slider

Crafted for the minimalist at heart, our OS-20 Sliding Doors boast the slimmest aluminium sightlines, delivering a nearly uninterrupted view of your surroundings. With an emphasis on clean lines and transparent living spaces, these doors are the perfect addition to any modern Oxfordshire home.

Bespoke to You…

Your home is unique, and so should be your doors. From system type, overall size, configuration, colour, to handle style and colour, every aspect of our sliding doors is customisable to resonate with your home’s character and fulfil your specific needs.


Why choose the Origin Sliding Door?


150 RAL

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Effortless Glide

Highly Secure

Family Safe


Fully Bespoke


Low Threshold

Thermal Efficiency

Our Origin Patio Sliding Doors are meticulously designed to offer superior thermal performance. The advanced insulation properties ensure that your home remains a sanctuary, keeping it warm and cozy during the cold winter months and refreshingly cool during the hot summer days. This not only provides comfort but also contributes to energy savings, reducing your heating and cooling costs.




Fully bespoke sliding doors

Every Origin Patio Sliding Door is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Made completely bespoke, they can seamlessly fit into any architectural style, from modern minimalist homes to classic traditional ones. With three distinct sightline options, including the ultra-slim OS-29 boasting just 29mm sightlines, homeowners can maximize the influx of natural light, creating bright, airy spaces that elevate the ambiance of any room.

Discover your colour

Dive into a world of colour with our extensive palette of over 150 RAL colours. Whether you’re envisioning a serene pastel shade, a vibrant bold hue, or a classic neutral tone, our range ensures that every homeowner finds their perfect match. This vast array of choices allows for personalisation, ensuring that the doors complement and enhance the existing aesthetics of your home.



Safe & Secure Patio Doors

At Multifold Doors, we believe that beauty and safety should go hand in hand. Our doors are equipped with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms that have undergone rigorous testing. Redesigned to accommodate even stronger shootbolts, they exceed the PAS 24 Enhanced Security Standards. This commitment to security ensures that while you enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the doors, you’re also assured of unparalleled safety.

Multifold Doors

At Multifold Doors, we take pride in transcending the ordinary. Our exclusive OS-20 Sliding Door collection from Origin represents the pinnacle of design ingenuity and functional excellence. These doors are not just about enhancing the look of your home—they redefine thermal performance, bringing comfort and energy efficiency to the forefront of home design.

Crafted with pioneering thermal break technology and premium energy-saving glass, our OS-20 series ensures your living spaces maintain optimal temperatures all year round. This means enjoying cozy winter days and cool summer nights without the worry of spiraling energy bills. Whether it’s the sleek lines of aluminium, the rustic warmth of wood finishes, or the robustness of PVC, our selection stands for quality and sophistication that will stand the test of time.

Our glazing expertise, coupled with our proficiency in door installation, makes Multifold Doors a beacon of trust and quality in the home improvement sector. Choose us for an experience that goes beyond mere aesthetics—it’s a step towards transforming your space into something truly exceptional.

The Defining Advantages of Our Aluminium Sliding Doors

mbrace the transformative elegance of the OS-20 Sliding Door range. Crafted to integrate your outdoor and indoor living spaces, these doors are the ideal enhancement for any conservatory, orangery, or open-plan area. Imagine unspoiled views of your garden, patio, or decking area, delivered through the slim yet robust frame of an OS-20 door.

But the benefits extend beyond the visual. The Origin OS-20 Sliding Doors are a bulwark of functionality, providing excellent insulation that adapts to every season. Fitted with high-performance composite gaskets, our doors not only excel in thermal retention but also provide superior acoustic insulation, ensuring your home remains a tranquil oasis.

Further, our cutting-edge sealing technology guarantees that the elements remain exactly where they belong—outside. This means your home is protected from drafts, dust, and the whims of the weather, all while maintaining the integrity of your living space.

The OS-20 Sliding Doors: Where Elegance Meets Excellence

The OS-20 series is more than a range of doors; it’s a lifestyle statement. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of the outdoors to a stylish conservatory, orangery, or want to enhance your open-plan living space, our OS-20 Sliding Doors are designed to complete your vision.

Every gaze through the slim profiles of an OS-20 door promises a connection with the outdoors, blurring the lines between your cozy indoor retreat and the beauty of the natural world. Performance is key, and our doors deliver on that promise—offering unparalleled thermal efficiency to keep your space habitable regardless of the season.

Choosing Multifold Doors means opting for unwavering commitment to quality. From the high-grade materials to the advanced sealing techniques, every component of our doors is engineered for durability, ease of maintenance, and enduring beauty.

For those seeking the harmony of form and function, the OS-20 Sliding Door range from Origin is your canvas to transform living spaces. Discover the difference with Multifold Doors—where innovation meets the art of fine living.

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