What type of patio is right for your garden?

Bi-folding doors bring the outside in and having a nice outside always helps. One way to create a simple, easy to maintain garden area is to place slabs of stone down creating a patio. However there is a huge variation to choose from and each has their different pros and cons so it’s vital you choose the right one for you.

When choosing your patio you must also take into account what it will be used for. This can narrow choices by large margins. So for example if you have 3 young children running around you would want something that has some grip to it. Whereas if you were a couple without children who regularly hosted parties you may want something more aesthetically pleasing and even keep the heat of barbecues and outdoor heaters in.

Every patio is different, which makes designing them so much fun. The most common materials are sandstone, gravel, slate, granite and limestone. Each has their pros and cons with durability to weather, ease of shaping and range of colour. Granite would be perfect for a growing family for its sheer durability. It is also a strong material that can stand up against the toughest of weathers. Granite comes in a wide variety of colours making it perfect for a modern, colourful extension or to fit in with an existing property. Slate on the other hand does not have as many colours to choose from and can be susceptible to cracking in cold weather. However in the summer it keeps the heat in with its dark colour and feels nice underfoot with the strange patterns often created by the rock.

There is also the possibility for the patio to be the centrepiece of your garden. This would create an all year round stunning garden rather than one that is only picturesque when it comes into bloom.

Multifold Doors have worked on a huge number of projects ranging from small extensions to entire building refurbishments. When we install Origin bi-folding doors we create an incredibly low threshold, which can blend in with your patio. This creates a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. We have worked alongside other tradespeople, so we know who the best in the business are and can give you advice on who will be the most appropriate option for you.     

Contact us to find out our experience with patios and how you can match your Multifold Doors bi-folding doors with your garden. 

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