Aluminium Windows

Welcome to Multifold Doors, your premier destination for top-quality aluminium windows. Explore our diverse range, including the OW-80 Premium Window, OW-70 Slimline Window, and versatile Casement Windows. Our Fixed Frame and Bay Windows offer exceptional durability and style, while Gable Windows add a unique architectural flair. Enhance your home with our elegant French Windows or bring natural light indoors with our Roof Lanterns and Roof Lights. As a family-run business in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we are committed to delivering personalised service and superior products to transform your living space.

Introducing the Premium Window (OW80)

 The perfect blend of strength and elegance, featuring low maintenance requirements and exceptional energy efficiency. Enhance your home with this high-performance window that combines durability and style effortlessly. 

Introducing the Slimline Window (OW-70)

Stylish, durable, and ultra-secure, these windows feature expansive panels that allow more natural light into your home, enhancing brightness and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Introducing the Multifold Doors Casement Window

Tailored to meet your exact requirements, these windows offer the perfect balance of style and security. Enjoy bespoke design with all the benefits of modern aesthetics and robust protection.

Introducing the Multifold Doors Fixed Window

Sturdy and stylish, these windows are designed to help you achieve a modern finish for your home. Enjoy the combination of strength and contemporary aesthetics that elevate your living space.

Introducing the Multifold Doors Bay Window

Origin bay windows add character and charm to your home. Enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality that enhances any living space with elegance and natural light.

Introducing the Multifold Doors Gable Window

Eye-catching and efficient, our gable windows make a bold statement while letting more natural light into your home. Enhance your living space with their distinctive design

Introducing the Multifold Doors French Windows

Exemplifying pure quality, these windows provide both aesthetic appeal and peace of mind for you and your family. Enhance your home with the elegance and security of our French windows.

Enhance your space with the award-winning Korniche roof lantern

Precision-engineered and timelessly designed, the Korniche roof lantern is the ideal solution for maximising natural daylight in flat-roofed rooms or extensions. Enjoy unparalleled quality and elegance, transforming your home with this beautifully crafted addition.

Introducing the revolutionary Titan ‘EDGE’ flat glass rooflight

Increase natural daylight in your home, office, or commercial property with our innovative Titan ‘EDGE’ rooflights. Designed to create a welcoming, light, and airy space, these rooflights are the perfect solution for modern living and working environments. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced brightness and a contemporary aesthetic with Titan ‘EDGE’ flat glass rooflights.

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Up To A 20
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