Aluminium Bi-fold Doors

Discover the perfect bi-fold doors for your home at Multifold Doors. Our extensive selection ranges from contemporary designs to the latest Origin Soho bi-fold doors, ensuring a match for every style and need. As a family-run business in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and high-quality products. With customisable options, robust security features, and a 20-year guarantee, our bi-fold doors offer unparalleled value and aesthetics. Transform your living space with the expertise and dedication of Multifold Doors.

Introducing New Origin Soho Bi-fold Doors

The all-new Soho Collection epitomises the pinnacle of luxury and style. The sought after steel-look, seamlessly merges cutting-edge design and ultra-slim sightlines with unparalleled functionality.

Contemporary Origin Bi-fold Doors

Reviving the passion that originally drove people to love bifolds, and featuring large panes of glass and slim sightlines, the Contemporary Collection is a suite that offers the perfect combination of refined engineering and expert manufacturing.

Why choose the Origin Bifold Door?

Regardless of your chosen Collection, all our Doors are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.
Both Collections redefine the standards of elegance, making a bold statement in any architectural setting.


150 RAL


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

High Grade


Coded Seals




Highly Secure


Family Safe




Durable Powder


Low Threshold



Bi Fold Doors Made to last

All our doors go through rigorous quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, to reassure you that you are making a choice that is truly built to last.

Multifold Doors doors from Origin are supplied with the highest quality features and components – and an industry-leading 20-year guarantee with every installation by Multifold Doors’s expert team.

Low thresholds

If you want a seamless link between indoors and outdoors, our bi-folds provide a weathered threshold that can be sunk into the floor with a small lip to ensure a weather-tight seal. So whatever the weather in Buckinghamshire and Home Counties, you can be assured of a dry floor!

Non-weathered thresholds, which are completely flush with the floor, should be used only on interior doors because they offer less protection against the elements.




Security for peace of mind

You need to feel secure in your own home – and Multifold Doors Bi Fold Doors don’t just meet the latest security standards, they exceed them.

The doors come with a unique eight-point locking system, as well as heavy-duty zinc hinges and a cylinder lock. Both are designed to resist even the most determined would-be intruder.

Inspired by colour - bifold doors

You may be satisfied with a contemporary black, white or grey door. Your taste might be more adventurous.

With the Multifold Doors Bi Folding Door, you have the choice of more than 150 RAL colours, which means you can create a door that complements both the interior and exterior style of your home.

Multifold Doors’s designers can work with you to discover the perfect external bifold doors for you.




Dual colour

As well as the dizzying array of colours on offer, we also give you the option of different shades on the inside and outside of your double glazed bi-fold door.

That means you can select both a colour that reflects the décor of the interior of your home, and another that works in with the style of its exterior.

Contact Multifold Doors today to find out more.

Customised to your taste by Multifold Doors

We understand that investing in your home is a deeply personal choice. So it’s important that you are reassured that you can work with us to create a finish that is ideal for you.

At every step of the process, from concept to delivery, Multifold Doors will work with you to deliver a truly customised aluminium bifold doors installation that you will enjoy for years.




Keeping you safe

The safety of your family is of paramount importance, so Multifold Doors Bi-fold Doors by Origin include features specifically designed to protect you.

Special finger-safe gaskets stop little fingers from becoming trapped when the doors are in use, while magnetic catches hold the doors firmly in place once you have folded them back.

Doors that glide effortlessly

These bifolding doors do not slide, they glide. And it is so satisfying when your doors glide quietly and efficiently along their tracks.

The smooth motion of the Bi-fold Door is delivered by the slimline carriage in the bottom track that ensures you can open and close them with ease.




Handled with care

Once you have chosen your door, you will want a handle that suits your taste – and our bi-fold comes with a wide range of options.

Strong, sleek and hard-working, our handles are available in modern, elegant styles and are created with care and dedication to give you the finish you want. Multifold Doors can help you decide which handles will work for you.

Thermal efficiency

The doors’ sophisticated weather-tight seals ensure your home is resistant to the extremes of the Buckinghamshire and Home Counties climate, as well as keeping your energy bills low.

Your home will stay bright and cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter, allowing you to enjoy every room regardless of the season.




Low maintenance

Our bi-fold doors allow you to enjoy the view and space they create without the worry of time-consuming or costly maintenance.

While wooden or uPVC doors might expand and contract in certain weather, our premium grade aluminium frames do not have this problem. And the powder-coated finish means there is no need to touch up fading paintwork.

Multifold Doors

At Multifold Doors and Windows, we can offer you so much more than your average bi-folding doors and double-glazed windows because our products have outstanding thermal efficiency, as well as super smooth sliding mechanisms and frames, and are a beautiful addition to any home.

Our specialised thermal break framing and energy-efficient glass keep your room temperatures consistent and your energy bills low. So, if you’re looking for stunning looks with superior quality, then our aluminium, wooden, and PVC doors and windows are your perfect choice.

With our many years of double-glazing experience and the fitting and installation of windows and bi-folding doors, we truly are the company that can offer a personal service, high-quality materials, and spectacular customer service.
The advantages of superior quality glazing window and door systems are endless!

Major Benefits of Our Bi-fold Doors

Coming in a wide range of versatile customisable and bespoke designs, our bi-folding and sliding doors work brilliantly for creating a link between the inside and outside, perhaps as part of a conservatory or orangery or an open-plan kitchen or dining room.

Those of you with a patio or outside decking space will love to use our bifold doors or sliding windows as part of your outdoor living and dining design, and you’ll be able to see your garden even when you’re not using it.

Our luxurious windows and doors can be efficient insulators, too, ensuring that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our state-of-the-art doors and windows are fitted with composite gaskets, which offer optimal thermal insulation that effectively acts as a weather and sound barrier and can keep dust, drafts, and any rain out of your home.

What’s not to love?

Bi-fold doors and windows will enhance your home – all you have to do is choose the design…

Our stylish sliding doors and windows are made of clear glass, which helps create a modern, clean look to your home, and with their sleek, simple style, they can enhance any interior or exterior home design.

Our products are always competitively priced because we want to ensure that our door and window fitting design and installation services consistently suit not just your home but also your wallet…

  • Energy efficiency –bi-folding double-glazed doors and windows are great insulators which means that they’ll keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the hot summer months!
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flow – our bi folding doors have large glass panes which offer fantastic views of your garden’s landscape.
  • Safety – Sliding doors used to have a reputation for being dangerous because they weren’t always installed using proper safety glass – but now the shatterproof glass is used. 
  • Security – if you have incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals, and fixed leaves installed with your bifold doors and windows, you’ll find your security measures are far better.
  • Space-saving – our bifold doors just glide open you’ll find there’s no need for a door to take up space without having to swing open.
  • Natural light – our doors and windows can also help create a far lighter home.

For a beautiful addition to your home with their slim, contemporary looks, bi-fold external doors can fill your house with sunshine and light and extend your indoor living space outside.  When fitted by experts, these sleek, no barrier threshold doors help to create an illusion of additional space in your home.

You can instantly transform your home with these bi-folding external doors, which include aluminium and timber-clad aluminium systems, in an extensive range of finishes, creating either an entirely new look for your home or compliment what you already have.

With the ability to expose part of your home to the outside and to extend your living space out into the garden in the summertime, bi-fold doors are a sophisticated addition to any modern home. And when combined with flush or low-threshold tracks, bifold doors can give you a seamless transition between your kitchen, sitting room, patio or terrace, creating the ideal entertaining space for you and your family.

So Simple

A bifolding door offers easy opening and closing mechanisms, so you’ll never have to worry about the complications of swinging doors, which can take up your precious interior space.   With two to seven sliding panes available, regardless of what size bi-fold external door you require, there’s a bespoke bi-fold door waiting for you. The beauty of bi-folding doors is that they can also be stacked inside or outside the door frame and can be crafted to open from the left or right; the choice is completely yours…

Bifold doors are made up of multiple glass doors that, when are closed, make up a large glass wall. When opened, the bi-door leaves separate, and following the tracks they are installed on, fold back on themselves in a concertina style, which means that once the doors are fully open, you have the entire space available to your outside. The bi-folding doors stack themselves neatly along, out of your way, so no obstructions are spoiling your view.

Extra Space

Bi-fold doors are fabulous as they can work equally well in both large and small spaces. For those large spaces, they can completely open up your home to your garden, by creating excellent ventilation and by bringing natural light into your home.

They are superb for smaller spaces, too, as one of the significant advantages of bi-fold doors is that when they are completely open, the doors stack neatly, and therefore you don’t need to factor in extra space to open the door as you would with an inward-opening traditional door. Bi-fold doors are also better for small spaces when compared to sliding patio doors as they open all the way, rather than leaving one glass panel that can’t be opened.

Most bi-fold patio doors offer the most advanced protection from the great British wind and rain, which makes them ideal for whatever weather is thrown at them. This is essential because although the opening up of the bi-fold doors in the summertime is why this contemporary style of door is so popular, the bi-fold system has to be able to cope with cold and wet weather as well.

Added Value

Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to add financially as well as aesthetic value to your home, as they can give your house additional natural light and can create a large clear access area to your garden but without taking up too much space, creating the illusion of a larger house – which is added value for your property.  

So, bi-fold doors are an attractive feature for any potential buyers, they are secure, energy-efficient and are a real statement feature in your home. 

For stylish, sophisticated looks, you can’t go wrong with our Multifold Doors and Windows so, give one of our knowledgeable team a call today for a friendly, no-obligation chat…

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