Gazebos for Every Season

It may be a little wet at the moment but the British weather does have its moments of beauty. One great way to take advantage of these sunny days is actually to spend them in the shade. But not just any shade, imagine yourself enjoying the shade in a stylish garden building, preferably one with bi folding doors. These garden buildings, often wooden structures, are sometimes fitted with Jacuzzis and are otherwise stylishly furnished. Some of the larger garden buildings have areas that can be closed completely but also have a porch outside. They are a great way to enjoy your garden in all seasons.

Because of the versatility of Multifold’s Origin bi fold doors, there are many options to how you position them. If you were to design your own garden building, you could consider the option of having cornerless doors. With this ability at your fingertips, you could make a structure allowing you to have an almost 360 degree open door view.

Some of the most popular garden structures are little forest huts, unfortunately, these don’t come with the ability to install bi folding doors. A large, luxurious outdoor building, which fits bi folding doors perfectly, provides another option to extend. And, although these larger garden structures can cost several thousand pounds and may require building permission, they are a lot less hassle than your regular extension and often fit under permitted development.

The big question for many of the undecided is ‘how often will I use it?’ This is a question only you can answer: if you have children and a pool, having a pool house fitted with a bar from where you can supervise your kids from would be fantastic. Or when holding evening drinks you can move inside if it gets a bit chilly.

The ideal Multifold Doors garden structure would be an angular building with glass walls, creating an open and natural space. Add Origin electric blinds to keep the building cool if you wish to spend a baking afternoon in there. Finally, the ideal building would be topped off with a bar and Jacuzzi, to add that extra bit of luxury.

Multifold Doors are experts at bi folding doors so if you are making a large outdoor building, contact us.

Here are a couple of sources for permanent garden buildings to give you some ideas.

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