Bi-Fold External Doors – Blurring the Lines Between Your Home and Garden

For a beautiful addition to your home with their slim, contemporary looks, bi-fold external doors can fill your house with sunshine and light and extend your indoor living space outside.  When fitted by experts, these sleek, no barrier threshold doors help to create an illusion of additional space in your home.

You can instantly transform your home with these bi-folding external doors, which include aluminium and timber-clad aluminium systems, in an extensive range of finishes, creating either an entirely new look for your home or compliment what you already have.

With the ability to expose part of your home to the outside and to extend your living space out into the garden in the summertime, bi-fold doors are a sophisticated addition to any modern home. And when combined with flush or low-threshold tracks, bi-fold doors can give you a seamless transition between your kitchen, sitting room, patio or terrace, creating the ideal entertaining space for you and your family.

So Simple

Bi-fold doors offer easy opening and closing mechanisms, so you’ll never have to worry about the complications of swinging doors, which can take up your precious interior space.   With two to seven sliding panes available, regardless of what size bi-fold external door you require, there’s a bespoke bi-fold door waiting for you. The beauty of bi-folding doors is that they can also be stacked inside or outside the door frame and can be crafted to open from the left or right; the choice is completely yours…

Bifold doors are made up of multiple glass doors that, when are closed, make up a large glass wall. When opened, the bi-door leaves separate, and following the tracks they are installed on, fold back on themselves in a concertina style, which means that once the doors are fully open, you have the entire space available to your outside. The bi-folding doors stack themselves neatly along, out of your way, so no obstructions are spoiling your view.

Extra Space

Bi-fold doors are fabulous as they can work equally well in both large and small spaces. For those large spaces, they can completely open up your home to your garden, by creating excellent ventilation and by bringing natural light into your home.

They are superb for smaller spaces, too, as one of the significant advantages of bi-fold doors is that when they are completely open, the doors stack neatly, and therefore you don’t need to factor in extra space to open the door as you would with an inward-opening traditional door. Bi-fold doors are also better for small spaces when compared to sliding patio doors as they open all the way, rather than leaving one glass panel that can’t be opened.

Most bi-fold external doors offer the most advanced protection from the great British wind and rain, which makes them ideal for whatever weather is thrown at them. This is essential because although the opening up of the bi-fold doors in the summertime is why this contemporary style of door is so popular, the bi-fold system has to be able to cope with cold and wet weather as well.

Added Value

Bi-fold doors are an excellent way to add financially as well as aesthetic value to your home, as they can give your house additional natural light and can create a large clear access area to your garden but without taking up too much space, creating the illusion of a larger house – which is added value for your property.  

 So, bi-fold doors are an attractive feature for any potential buyers, they are secure, energy-efficient and are a real statement feature in your home. 

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