Enhance your space with the multi-award-winning Korniche roof lantern

Precision engineered, timeless and beautifully designed, the Korniche roof lantern is the perfect solution for optimising the flood of natural daylight into a flat roofed room or extension.

Transform your space with natural daylight and improve your living environment

Natural daylight has an astonishing effect on your health, productivity and overall well-being. It not only brightens and opens up spaces but also enhances the whole living experience.

With Korniche aluminium roof lanterns, you can maximise the amount of daylight you draw into a room, elevating its ambiance.

Why choose the Korniche Roof Lantern?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

Tight Seals

Internal And External
Flush Casement


150 RAL




Add the WOW factor to your flat roofed room or extension

Multifold sells and installs Korniche’s multi-award-winning, roof lanterns. Korniche roof lanterns have become a market-leader because of their beautifully proportioned designs, which resemble the slimline hip rafters of traditional timber roofs, high quality aluminium frames and state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing techniques.

Every single component of the lantern’s structure has been craftily designed to work in harmony with the others, providing a frame that’s not only seamless but also safe and robust.




Seamless, configurable roof structure

What’s more, the Korniche roof lantern frame can be configured in different styles with spans of up to six by four metres. Its innovative engineering uses patented die cast aluminium bosses to construct the cornerstones of the lantern, creating robust jointing points, which don’t need the support of additional strengthening rafters or unsightly tie bars, to provide a secure and strong structure.

This reduces the amount of rafters needed and minimises the size of the roof frame, adding more glass and hence, maximising the light into the room.

A wide range of colours and finishes

The Korniche lantern comes in three standard colours: gloss white, matt grey and matt black. However, if you are looking to add your personal stamp, the frame can be supplied in any RAL colour you’d wish to have. This may just add a little extra time to the delivery.

In addition, you can choose to have just one colour on the inside and outside or go for two different colours, for example, a black exterior and white interior, at no extra cost.




Thermally efficient

The Korniche Roof Lantern keeps you warm in cold weather and cool during the hot months, providing an environment that’s comfortable all year round.

Using polyamide thermal breaks to isolate external from internal profiles and high performance glazing to reduce heat transfer (roof U values 1.2w/m2K), the Korniche lantern is a powerful insulator, extremely effective at preventing heat from transmitting between the inside and the outside of the building.

Its innovative glass lock system and tamper proof fasteners keep everything tightly in place, offering a harmonious design that doesn’t require additional visible sealers or can easily be damaged.

Key features include:

  • Thermally broken eaves beam to create an insulated barrier between the aluminium sections.
  • Insulating T-bar to bridge the gap between the profiles and the aluminium finishing caps to create the largest possible thermal break.
  • High performance, self-cleaning glazing for easy maintenance. You can choose from different glass tints, such as blue, aqua, bronze, tinted, neutral or clear and U values range from 1.0 – 1.2.



Extremely strong and secure

Renowned for its unparalleled strength, the Korniche roof lantern is 100% weatherproof and can survive whatever nature throws at it. Putting it into perspective, a 6mx4m roof lantern can support over 8 tonnes.

This is achieved by using the best seals and gaskets available throughout, with the largest glass spans and fewest rafters, so that design and visibility are not compromised.

And when it comes to security, its innovative glass lock system and tamper proof fasteners keep everything securely in place, making almost impossible to be broken in.

Simple, hassle-free installation

Due to its innovative design, the Korniche roof lantern doesn’t require specific skills to be installed. Any builder or roofer should be able to do it by following Korniche’s step-by-step installation guide.

The Korniche aluminium glass roof is the only lantern in the market that requires no cutting, trimming or silicone sealant to build the roof on site. It is delivered in kit form and leaves the factory with all components checked and quality-controlled, ready to be assembled.




This ensures a quick and easy installation, with minimal disruption to the property.

When built, the installer only needs to apply silicone sealant to the underside of the eaves beam to weather seal the unit to the upstand of your roof extension.

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