Who’s going to install your bifolds?

Multifold Doors have years of experience installing Origin bifold doors. We have the knowledge to know whether a project needs a little bit of extra drainage or a slightly deeper runner. There are also builders who have experience installing Origin bifold doors. We frequently work with these traders and many of them take on projects we are involved in.

Multifold experts focus on customer satisfaction and will recommend the right decision for your project. The builders we work with are experienced in installing Origin Bifold doors and incredibly efficient, however they do not know the finest details of Origin bifold doors. Traders will also not have been helping you choose the perfect doors for your project and thus not know what you really want from your bifolding doors.

Builders do have the advantage of having been working on your project from the beginning. They will have dealt with every other part of the building process and as a result will know more about the design and structure of the project. However if your project is not adding Origin bifold doors to an extension but rather replacing an existing window space Multifold experts may be a better choice. The reason for this is that there is less building work required and Multifold can get involved from the very start of planning, helping you with colours and fold numbers.

Probably the most important area to take into account is what sort of build your project is going to be. If you’re project is a heavy duty build where structural changes may be made to the property then getting advice from the builder would be very useful, particularly if you are constructing a corner bifold. But if you are making changes in pre-existing window spaces Multifold experts would probably be your best bet.

We recommend talking to us before making a decision and we can give you an answer that will make your project go as smoothly as possible.

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