Bifolds in the Bedroom

Most of our work comes from extensions, refurbishments or replacement window projects. Many of the larger projects are based in living spaces or kitchens on ground floor level. However some of our projects do venture onto the first floor and higher if available.

Origin aluminium windows are often used to replace old, out of date windows, when security and warmth is no longer an afterthought. Bifolding Doors are occasionally used in flats that are several floors above ground level. This gives a greater sense of space and with a balcony can change a small kitchen living room into a large, relaxing area, especially in the summer months.

Bifold doors are built with a panoramic view in mind and that’s why having them in your bedroom is so lovely. Being able to open the doors in seconds and have fresh air and a panoramic view is fantastic. It’s great in the summer for a lazy warm Sunday and the morning frost in January can be enjoyable with the highly efficient insulation Origin Doors provides. As with other rooms the doors make a bedroom feel larger and with more natural light there are many options for refurbishment and new designs.

Having bifolding doors above the ground floor is a great way to expand and make your project something really special and different.

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