Our Colours

Multifold Doors have a variety of colours available to you ranging from earthy Tuscany browns to bright Pop Art finishes. The variety available with immediate application to your windows and doors is only a taster of the full 150 different RAL colours.

The colours available for instant delivery are some of the most popular colours Origin create, especially Anthracite Grey. We believe this colour is so popular because it fits well for any time of year and for many different styles of housing. As quite a minimalist colour it slides nicely into a modern kitchen or living space, and being a subtle grey it could blend into an older style of building with exposed brickwork or a stone fireplace.

Origin supplies us with their large collection of RAL colours. This is a great range of colours and any finish can be applied to the doors or windows of your choice. However if you do choose a RAL colour you will have to wait a little longer for your door to be installed as it has to be sent away from our High Wycombe based factory.

Many of the colours included in the RAL selection are bright and bold. They have been created for certain styles, such as the Ralph Lauren inspired Hampton Collection. These are pastel colours and are perfect for rooms well lit by natural light or with a bright, fresh feel in mind.

Choosing the right colours for your doors and windows is incredibly important and can change the feel of a whole room. Browse our in house colours or order the Origin RAL colour booklet to find the perfect colour. Explore our collection of products here.

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