Tips For Bringing Your Conservatory To Life

A conservatory is one of the most special parts of your home. Inside these wonderful structures you can enjoy the natural light all year round, whilst sheltered from the unpredictable British weather. Conservatories provide the perfect merge between your home and the outdoors, and are ideal for relaxation, recreation, and rest.

In this guide, we’ve listed some ideas for how you can make your conservatory space vibrant, unique, and personalised.

Arts and crafts

A conservatory is a great place to do art, and it is a great place to show art. The natural light is perfect for painting, so if you’ve got bit of Picasso about you, this part of the home is ideal for getting the brushes out. If you’re looking to personalise your conservatory space, try adding some unique vibrant colours – paintings, photographs, or small sculptures.

You could keep a similar artistic narrative running throughout your home, or treat your conservatory as a separate space in which to highlight more bold and daring pieces.

Light and air

Your conservatory is an idyllic haven in which to relax and unwind. For this, you need space and comfort. Being surrounded by glass allows you to enjoy the great outdoors whilst in the comfort of your own home, but you also need to welcome in the fresh British air. There’s nothing better than sitting back engrossed in a novel, soaking up the sunshine in a cooling breeze.

Our stunning bi-fold doors open up your home to the beautiful outdoors, providing ultimate flexibility for your conservatory. Their unique insulating qualities allow you to shut out the cold during the winter months, and welcome in the fresh summer breeze during the summer.

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Talk about bringing your conservatory to life, literally! Why not use your conservatory as a home for a little friend or two? I’m not talking tigers or bear cubs, but you could go a little exotic if you so desire.

There are many unusual yet brilliant animals that would enjoy a spot in your home’s conservatory – lizards, parrots, and snakes to name a few. However, remember to do your research beforehand as some animals need a highly regulated temperature to survive and thrive.


A conservatory is a space in which to relax and reflect, and what better than to reminisce about happy memories with your family and friends. Feature some of your favourite photographs from over the years in this unique room, where you can sit back, relax, and remember amazing experiences.

Plant life

Plants can survive in your conservatory that wouldn’t otherwise our in your garden. The more regulated temperature (if you have proper insulation) and consistent sunlight helps more exotic species thrive. You can also use the conservatory to shelter your more fragile garden plants in the winter, including your fruit and vegetables.


The type of furniture you include in your conservatory depends very much on what you will be using the space for. If it’s a pure relaxation getaway, consider installing a hammock or a long sofa. If you intend to regularly eat and drink, find a dining table that you can use inside, but also take outside into the garden when the weather’s favourable.

A trend which has recently captured the imagination of homeowners is the idea of pallet furniture. Recycling old pallets and creating unique chairs, tables, sofas, and wine racks is all the rage, and your conservatory could certainly benefit from these bespoke and customised pieces.

Multifold Doors

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