How Scandinavian design has influenced UK homes

Scandinavian architecture and interior have become increasingly popular throughout UK modern homes. Scandinavian style is functional, simple and beautiful. Evolving over the years, it has become popular in many countries. It’s simple but effective design portrays a sense of elegance in your house but also a very homely feel.

Need help designing your new home? Here are some key points on how to achieve this unique Scandinavian style.

White is an important colour to attain the Scandinavian simple look. White walls and furniture can make your room feel airy and light throughout the entire year. It is a colour that has the ability to create a soft and decorative appearance.

Grey is another neutral colour to use as it creates a calm and relaxing environment for everyone in the house.

Colourful chairs, rugs and lights have been very popular made by certain Scandinavian designers. White walls with brightly patterned materials bring out the warmth and also brings a splash of colour to the rooms.

Traditional patterned items tend to live in cottage country homes, whereas striking colours are used to add a retro look. Warmth is added through white sofas and dark coloured cushions or lamps, for example greens, reds or purples.

The main objective for Scandinavian designers is to increase the amount of natural light as much as possible. Lights and lamps are usually very good at creating this environment as they are modern, simple and minimalistic.

The Scandinavian window dressings help to enhance the light in your room as they are usually made from white materials. They cover the windows lending privacy but always permit natural light to enter.

Bedrooms are generally where they have white cotton blinds or venetian blinds and downstairs areas you can expect long, thin curtains. Scandinavian style is one of the most popular styles in Interior Design today. It’s interior is admired by those who like simplicity but also love that splash of bold colour or pattern.

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