How to Decorate Your Garden This Christmas

There’s something about sitting inside at Christmas time; it’s dark outside and you’re cosy. Occasionally, though, it’s nice to venture out into the frosty air and take a look at nature’s winter wonderland. Your garden can look even more spectacular this Christmas if you follow a few easy tricks and tips:

Hardy plants are the basis for your Christmas garden. The Sutton Seeds website has a great page dedicated to tried and tested Christmas plants and bulbs.

Acer Palmatum – Red at Christmas is a given, but this plant adds a bit of texture as well. It’s great in a pot or flowerbed which means it’ll be versatile after the Christmas period as well; and you could quite easily take a cutting to make into a centrepiece for your dining table.

Cineraria (Silverdust) – This plant looks brilliant in a Christmas garden because it already looks covered in frost. It’s got that perfect icy-white colour and can also be potted or planted in the flowerbed.

Crocus Corm (Chilean Blue) – The bold blue of this flower is guaranteed to brighten up your Christmas garden. Imagine what these flowers will look like poking through the snow!

Making the most of what you’ve got is the next step. Whether you’ve got big bushy conifers or twiggy trees with no leaves left whatsoever, you can still decorate them beautifully. Indoor decorations outdoors are a great way to keep a cohesive look and bring the inside to outdoors during the Christmas period. Outdoor decorations are all about being big and bold because otherwise you won’t see them from your warm and cosy living room.

Lighting is the key to a pretty and magical Christmas garden; the more variety, the better. You can illuminate your garden with anything from candles to big glowing snowmen – so make the most of the short winter days.

DIY frozen tealights are all the rage of the Pinterest generation so jump on the inexpensive and fun bandwagon for some truly original homemade decorations. A handy bonus is that it provides a fun activity to do away from the TV.

Twig lights are perfect for Christmas time; they’re subtle enough to add a hint of Christmas cheer without being too over the top. We think they look great arranged in an outdoor flowerpot.

Fairy lights are a must at Christmas but maybe try something a bit different with them this year. Perhaps go for a different shape or colour than you usually do – or use the standard lights differently. You could wrap them around unusual shapes or use colourful ones to create a different atmosphere. Whatever you end up doing, fairy lights are a failsafe way of making the garden look Christmassy and pretty. So if nothing else, remember the lights.

Christmas wreaths are the finishing touch that’s going to polish off your Christmas garden look. Wreaths are the traditional outdoor decoration for Christmas but that doesn’t mean they have to come in traditional shapes and sizes. Whether you make it or buy it, you can pretty much have any type of wreath; so take a look at the rest of your garden decorations and decide on your wreath style – you don’t want it to clash.

So follow these Christmas garden decorating tips to ensure that your house looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside this year.

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