Solar tiles or panels

Residential solar power has traditionally come from large roof panels. However Tesla has recently released information on their newest product, affordable solar tiles. Tesla completely changed the electric car industry and believes they can do the same with the solar roof tile. Solar roof tiles have been around for just over a decade; however they have always been noticeably more expensive than solar panels. With Tesla’s promise of affordable and efficient solar tiles there could be big changes in the residential solar power industry.

Solar tiles work in the same way as solar panels but are installed in a similar fashion to traditional roofing tiles by overlapping each other. This means that the tiles can be blended in with normal tiles. As a result, each individual tile acts as a solar panel and they must all be wired together, making the tiles an expensive solution.

The traditional solar roof panels are far more like those you may see on the ground in a solar farm. They are efficient, easy to install and generate large amounts of electricity in a well-chosen location. This could all be said for tiles as well but for a much higher price. Installing solar power into your home can give you the option to power your home, save the energy for when you need it or even sell it back to the government under environmental schemes.

Solar roof tiles still require a converter in your house to convert the captured DC electricity into AC, which can then be used in everyday appliances, saved or sold on. Solar tiles are incredibly stylish if applied well and can easily fit into both modern and old buildings as they blend in with original tiles. Solar panels are more fitting for modern or eco houses where the focus is on energy or modernisation. They can act as an interesting feature for the house if applied well, especially on bold design homes.

Solar tiles are the perfect choice if you want to generate solar power and money is no issue. However until Tesla release their affordable solar tiles you will have to invest a lot of money or change to the less aesthetically pleasing solar panels.

Multifold Doors don’t make solar tiles but we do know how to make a house look good. When we advise you on your doors and windows we can also help you on colour and style. This is very important if you are making a bold statement with a very modern house or trying to blend in with older housing. Whatever tiles you have or whether you have solar panels we know the perfect door and windows to match them.

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