Residential Doors

So far Multifold Doors have focused on bifolding doors, windows and blinds. However we now have a new product available; the Residential Door, made as always by our trusted suppliers at Origin.

The Origin residential door is no ordinary front door; it has the same features as our other products such as increased thermal efficiency, remarkable safety and of course a completely bespoke experience. The Residential Door comes with over 35 panel choices to fit your project, whether it’s an oak finish for an old country cottage or a metallic grey for a modern flat. The finishes that are applied to the windows are incredibly strong; they are able to withstand hurricane conditions, tested by firing a plank of wood 90 miles per hour into the windows. With a 5 year guarantee on the panels and a 20 year guarantee on the frames, finishes and locks you know we’re confident about our product.

These residential doors are not limited to the standard single-door front entrance; you are able to have French doors for that extra welcoming look as well as provide a widened access for wheelchairs. French doors would also fit well if you have French windows elsewhere in the house. There is also the option of having extra-large French doors to create a garage door. This is a great way to give a house a unique look and works particularly well for modern buildings.

The Multifold residential door has all the attributes and high standards of Origin bifolding doors and windows. The main panel is built with a Therminax core and added aluminium layers to make sure you’re keeping as much heat in your house as possible. As well as a complex, heat efficient door there are three options for the threshold of the door; weathered, non-weathered and mobility options. As you can imagine these are all subtle and out-of-sight just like our Origin bifolding doors. The lowest threshold is the mobility option, which stands only 20mm when the door is open.

Security is a high priority when purchasing doors and, like the bifolding doors, Multifold residential doors have the option for a five point or eight point locking mechanism. They also have the same advanced Three Star British Kite Marked barrel choices as our bifolding doors meaning that drills, lock picks, bumping and snapping are all protected against These doors will certainly let you sleep safely at night.

Design and style are major parts of Origin’s approach and here at Multifold we are experts at advising on what is best for every unique project we work on. The residential doors have the same 150 RAL colours as bifolding doors and aluminium windows, meaning you can create a completely bespoke set of doors and windows. Design does not stop at the door panel; there is a variety of residential door furniture available. The door furniture includes; handles, letter boxes, door knockers and peepholes. These are all made of the highest quality scratchproof aluminium designed and made to last.

The Origin Residential Door is the latest addition to the Origin family and Multifold Doors are proudly stocking it. If you are going to give the front of your house a facelift make sure that you’re using the best available products. A front door can say a lot about a home so add a bit of personality to yours with an Origin Residential Door. Call us up and speak to one of our experts who would be happy to advise you on what colours, styles and designs will be best for your home.

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