How to Maintain and Clean Your Bi-Folding Doors

Multifold Doors’ bi-folding doors aim to bring the outside in, and whilst the origin aluminium doors require little maintenance these a few tips to ensure the continued performance throughout the 20 year manufacture’s guarantee.


Let’s start with the movement. One of the key features of our bi-folding doors is the smoothness of their movement and ease of use. The wheels are situated within an encasement and therefore will not get damaged by anything that may have veered into the enclosed track. If there is something in the track you simply pull the doors back and remove the offending object. The most effective way to ensure the track is clear is to run a hoover nozzle along the track; lubricant spray is used on the moving parts. However always check with us, and as always we will be happy to help.


The frames of our bi-folding doors add impact and character to a house, keeping them clean will mean that they will still create that wow factor year after year. In most cases soap and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge in warm water will be fine. However if the stain is more stubborn don’t use this as an opportunity to bring out that super power hose you just bought, also don’t use any powerful household cleaner on the frames as these liquids could damage the colour coating on your bi-fold doors. The best cleaners to use for tough stains are non-abrasive liquid creams. Before you begin using these more powerful chemicals please do contact us and we can give you more advice.


Naturally the most noticeable feature of your bi-folding door is the glass itself; however it is not the easiest to clean. Glass is something we look at throughout the day, whether that is the windscreen of a car, the window of an office or even a pair of spectacles. We are constantly looking at what’s on the other side of the glass, but if that glass is dirty it will affect the view. Multifold Doors bi-folding doors are perfect for a panoramic view of your garden however if they are covered in both indoor and outdoor marks the effect can be ruined. There are many different methods and materials for cleaning windows but what really works is a simple glass window spray and microfiber cloths. The reason for using microfiber cloths is that they don’t leave streaks on the glass, unlike kitchen towels. As the spray you will be using is designed for glass, try and keep it away from the frame. And finally a window cleaner’s top tip is use clean tools, you never know when there is a tiny bit of grit in the cloth you don’t see. For any other tips or advise get in contact with us.

Maintaining Multifold Doors bi-folding doors from Origin isn’t a chore. Get the most out of your doors by following these simple steps and bring the outside in.

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