Should I Stay or Should I Go?

More and more people are staying in their current houses rather than moving. Before the recession of 2008, many had the flexibility to apply for a loan, with mortgages and house prices at an affordable level. Now it’s far harder to get all of these things and, with the organised chaos that comes with moving house, many people are staying put. This is giving them the opportunity to pay off their mortgage and improve their homes.

When the banks went under, people’s instant reaction was to dig in. Now, almost ten years later, we are coming out of the 2008 recession and prices are very slowly dropping. It is now possible for some people to get loans and mortgages. Many people who have lived in their houses for decades and paid off the mortgage will be saving huge amounts of money, which can be spent on the house itself. One way in which people are improving their homes is to extend. This can range from a ‘lean to’ on the side of the building to an entire room on the back of the house.

The uses for extensions vary but one of the most common extensions is the kitchen extension. It is an area where the whole house spends time, and space is vital in this room. This is where Multifold Doors comes in: we provide roof lights, residential doors, and bi-folding doors. In the case of adding an extension to the kitchen, bi-folding doors and roof lights would be useful. Natural light is very important and if you are spending a lot of time in one room, you don’t want to be in the dark or surrounded by bright electric lights. Having a room filled with light pouring in from the roof light and a line of bi-folding doors can completely change the atmosphere of a room. For a kitchen, this is especially important as you want as much light as possible when preparing your food. Or, if you have a kitchen/dining room, you will want that beautiful evening sun pouring into the room to lighten up the party.

Many people also modernise their homes, especially in their extensions. Changes like smart and underfloor heating can both save you money. Also, energy monitors, eco-friendly bulbs, and solar tiles can all make your extension a modern paradise. There are the little joys as well, like fridges that take pictures and robot cleaners.

The number of our customers who are installing bi-folding doors as part of their extensions is huge. It is the perfect opportunity because these customers are designing both the interior and exterior of a space completely from scratch, they have the freedom to put a hole in a wall to their specifications without doing any damage to the rest of the house. And with 150 RAL colours you have a variety of options that will fit your new design, whatever style it may be.

When it comes to dealing with extensions, Multifold Doors and Windows are the experts. We understand why you don’t want to move and will help you make adding an extension better than moving house. We understand design and style; so visit our website to find out more.

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