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The great advantage of Multifold Doors bi-folding doors is that they come in such a wide variety of colours and possible door combinations. This gives you the freedom to create your perfect project and bring the best usage out of your Multifold Doors bi folding doors.

If you are building an extension of any size knowing that there is flexibility of choice is a great comfort. If you are having a small add on then perhaps only install a three leaf, but if you’re building a pool house then you could make a whole wall out of bi-folding doors – we can even provide floating posts so that you can have doors meet on a corner. When the doors are open, you can simply remove the post to have a completely unobstructed view. This ability to change so easily is one of the greatest attractions of bi folding doors. There is also the fact that we have 150 RAL colours to choose from so whatever you house’s theme we can help you find the right match.

People focus on making changes to their garden during the summer; as a result bi-folding doors are incredibly popular at this time of year. However the front of your house is just as important; it’s the first impression people will get of your home and should receive the same care and attention as your garden doors. This is why we supply a wide variety of residential doors. These include a huge catalogue of front doors and also a great selection of garage doors. Whether you are renovating your home or just replacing a door there will be a style and colour to fit your home’s current theme and feel. From a Cotswold cottage to an inner city flat, Multifold Doors’ wide selection of doors and door furniture will suit your home.

Our doors are all state of the art so if style is not your number one concern then you will be happy to know we use the latest technology available. We install Origin Doors here at Multifold Doors, which have won numerous awards for their achievements. The doors we install will keep your house safe and warm. With incredible thermal insulation, achieved by Aerogel, the world’s most efficient insulator you will certainly be warm. And with an eight point locking system and hurricane proof glass you can be sure to be safe at night and in the worst of weather. The windows and doors we install can blend in or become a feature, but no matter what you chose, it will save you money on bills and make your house a safer home.

Multifold’s Front Doors are safe, efficient and stylish. So this summer, when choosing your bi-folding doors think about the front of your house and what it says about you. Multifold Doors are experts in a variety of doors and windows. We have a great team on hand ready to help you every step of the way. So have a look at some of our products for ideas.

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