Bifolding Doors vs French Windows

If you have a small space for windows or doors in your project then you may face the decision whether to choose bi-folding doors or French windows. The two types of doors appear to be very similar at first glance; however there is more to them than meets the eye.

The Origin French Window is designed for small apertures where the narrowest three leaf bi-folding door cannot fit. Like bi-folding doors, French windows can open up to give a beautiful view or just be used as a single door. Naturally, they are limited to only two doors, but can be opened a full 180 degrees (if brickwork allows).

French windows are more suited to older buildings so if you are looking to follow an established style these might be the better choice. They are perfect for side entrances, smaller gardens and external buildings.

Even though French windows are an older, more established design, Origin has brought them up to date with the latest glazing technology. They are safe, thermally effective and secure. They also come in a huge variety of colours to suit your house. French windows support all the benefits of Origin glazing technology and craftsmanship. We at Multifold are always happy to install French windows and will help you with any questions you have.

Although bi-folding doors don’t fit into the space that French windows can, with some small changes to your project you could benefit from the advantages bi-folds bring. If it is possible to extend the window space; having more natural light flooding in all year round is just one major benefit. Then there is of course the ability of bi-folding doors being able to fold to one side, creating a completely uninterrupted panoramic view and effect of bringing the outside in.

The above image is a Multifold Doors project using Origin bi-folding doors. This is a three leaf bi-folding door; that one extra leaf it has over the French windows makes a huge difference to the amount of light entering the house and, of course, the view. However this is an extension on a relatively new house where modern designs fit well. It could look out of place on an older property where other doors are of a different design. That said; there are an increasing amount of people adding bi-folding doors into Victorian terrace housing and creating a marriage of old and new which can be striking. Whether this is a small addition to the kitchen or in an extension to the house, they make a difference.

The smallest three leaf bi-folding doors are 1500mm and the smallest French windows are 1000mm. The difference is minimal and both products are of the highest quality. The main decider is in the project itself and your own personal preference. Use our door configurator and find out which type of door would best suit you.

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