Oh Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

Origin Bifolding Doors are some of the most thermally effective windows on the market. They have the ability to keep you warm and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, when they aren’t open and showing a panoramic view.

Thermal standards in the UK are measured in their ‘U’ value. Origin Doors achieved a ‘U’ value of 1.3, which goes above and beyond the standard British building regulations. Having achieved both L1 and L2 regulations with our regular double glazed glass you are certain to save money on heating.

As we battle through the winter cold insulation becomes more and more important to us. Heating bills rise even with the introduction of smart heating and those cold nights can become uncomfortable. By installing Origin glass, whether that is in bifolding doors or aluminium windows you can be sure that you will be warm. This is especially important if your project is a new extension where the space is a living area or kitchen. So much work goes into the design and construction of these projects it’s often the last hurdle where people skip the detail and install glass that does not insulate your new space.

Multifold Doors also provide Origin blinds. These don’t have a huge effect on the heat insulation of the house but beautifully cover up those grey wintery skies. A remote control version of the blinds is also available meaning you don’t have to get up from the comfort of your sofa to get extra cosy in your warm Multifold Doors living space. Click here to see our range.

Make sure to think about your heating this winter and if installing windows, bifolding doors or blinds only go for the best.

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