Make your Origin Doors Christmassy with Creativity

Get creative this Christmas and make some of your own decorations. Many of the Christmas decorations we spend money on every year can be made with time and effort. We have picked some of our favourite creative ideas for you to make this Christmas truly special.

The Wine Cork Wreath:

The cork wreath is a nice little twist on the original holly based decoration. As Christmas is a time for celebration more than often a large amount of wine is consumed. In the standard 12 inch cork wreath we recommend using around 180 corks to make sure it really has impact and doesn’t just look like corks in a circle. Begin with a straw wreath and using a glue gun, glue the corks on their side in a circle starting on the inside. Build more circles so that the wreath is eventually covered. If the corks don’t fit perfectly that is a good thing as we want a little bit of organised chaos. Once the wreath is covered by the circles of corks the structure is built and you now have the freedom to put the remaining corks wherever you like. Get creative, add some foliage or extra decorations, but try to keep the spacing even and all solidly glued on with a hot glue gun. The cork wreath is a comic and creative approach to the standard leafy approach and will look great on your new Origin door.

Felt Decorations:

Felt is a fantastic material to use when being creative. It’s soft, easy to manipulate and if done well can look great. Felt can easily be cut with a sharp blade or material scissors, making projects like the one above not out of the average person’s reach. One of our favourite and easiest Christmas felt decoration ideas is the felt Christmas tree. There are lots of variations but we like to be creative so to create hanging felt Christmas decorations you need to cut triangles ranging from small to large (the maximum width of the decoration). The widest triangles of felt form the bottom of the tree and the smallest form the top. Once the felt is cut out make a hole in the centre of each piece, then take a stick or small piece of wood and push it through the felt. If done largest to smallest a Christmas tree will form on the stick. You can have a simple, all white felt tree or make it as colourful as possible with a rainbow look. These of course can be as large as you like but look great on a Christmas tree.

Christmas Keys:

A simple old rusty key can often be bought at garden centres to be used as decorations. But their rusty, dark colour doesn’t give off that Christmassy feeling. A way to make use of these keys is to paint them a nice soft white colour and tie a red or red and white bow around them. They can then be used on trees or just left on tables and surfaces as bright, original Christmas decorations. This is one of our more simple but effective creative ideas.

The Simple Pine Cone:

This idea is becoming a more common feature on many trees and ornaments. The pine cone is cheap and easy to make, you can also do a lot to them. Hanging them as they come on a Christmas tree is nice but why not make them stand out? Paint them completely white, cover them in gold and glitter or a deep Christmas red there are so many options. One nice idea is securing them onto the end of sticks roughly 15 inches long, painting them and then arranging them as you would a bouquet of flowers. These are a great idea for children as there is a lot of space for creativity.

Christmas Scrabble:

It’s quite easy to get a cheap scrabble set from a charity shop or online. This decoration would preferably consist of wooden scrabble pieces but plastic will do. The first thing to do is to come up with a selection of Christmassy words and glue them together. You can have them as individual single word decorations or a phrase by stacking them on top of each other, get creative, it’s Scrabble! Once you have your words stuck together you can begin to decorate them with fake snow, glitter, some greenery or just have them attached to the tree with a nice red bow. This is a quaint decoration that you can easily personalise and even give as a present.

Christmas is just around the corner and getting ready for it is incredibly exciting. We are ready for it at Multifold Doors and are proud to see our fitted Origin bifolding doors keeping families warm and cosy this Christmas.

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