It’s Time to Plan

At Multifold Doors we are all getting ready for Christmas but still working hard to get our current jobs finished. The Christmas break is a perfect time for planning your projects in 2017. Depending on where you are with your project you should start thinking about what you want to achieve with your bifolding doors. Why do you want them? What effect do you want them to have on a room? What is their primary purpose, a panoramic view, easy access to the garden or just a way to make your home different? These are all questions that our professional and experienced team can help you with. Your architect and builder will also be able to help with these decisions and guide you to making the perfect choice.

If you would like to order Origin bifolding doors you can do so on the 3rd of January with delivery on the 9th of January (this is for stock colours only, non-stock colours would be delivered by the 24th). Origin aluminium windows will be ready for delivery on the 11th of January, so get planning and prepare your project.

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