The top 5 reasons why Origin Bifolding doors will keep you tucked up this Christmas.

There are many reasons to purchase Origin bifolding doors this winter, here are a few of them:

  1. Thermal Efficiency
    Bifolding doors are designed to cover large areas of your home. Almost all Origin glass is used on external walls so is open to the elements throughout the year. At this time of year heat is a major issue and having high quality glazing can change a rooms temperature completely. Many UK homes are listed and so their original glass cannot be replaced. However if an extension is built there are fewer limitations. Having an extension on a listed property, which will be used as a living room, will be vastly warmer than the rest of the house if Origin glass is being used. Aerogel is a new addition to our window options and is designed to reduce heat transfer. Designed for spacesuits this coating will surely keep you heated up and your bills down. Only a thin 10mm coating will increase energy efficiency by 67%, which means a nice warm Christmas morning with views of a hopefully white garden.
  2. Security
    At a time when you may be having a lot of family around for the Christmas week or maybe the risk of all those beautiful presents being stolen it’s nice to think you’re safe. Origin glass is hurricane proof, tested by firing wood at 90mph into it, and the glass standing firm. This can certainly put the idea of any thieves getting in through the glass out of your mind. The doors use some of the most advanced lock technology available. With a Yale eight lock system and a Magnum lock cylinder with sturdy handles. The bifolding door locking systems are Pas 23 and Pas 24 accredited which means they excelled in security tests. With Origin bifolding doors you can feel safe going to bed, waiting for Father Christmas.
  3. Trip Safe
    If we do get snow this year I’m sure we will all enjoy it and that means moving inside and out of the house. This could be dangerous if there was a step into the house, but with Origin bifolding doors there is no small step to trip up on. The runners are set at floor height so when you walk over them you won’t notice a thing, thus taking out any risk of snow covered wellingtons flying up in the air.
  4. Child Safe
    With snow hopefully giving children time to build snowmen and have snowball fights little mistakes can be made. As bifold doors fold onto each other it is possible for exploring fingers to get stuck in between the folds. Thankfully Origin bifolding doors have finger safe gaskets meaning that there will be no sudden trappings.
  5. Style
    Origin bifolding doors come in over 150 different RAL colours giving you the chance to match them to your interior or vice versa. Having this freedom can help you decide the interior of your project and how you are going to move forward. If you choose a warm colour it will go nicely with an open fire this Christmas.

Origin bifolding doors are perfect this for winter and will help you create the perfect Christmas atmosphere.

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