Let Natural Light Into Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a house. It’s a massive selling point when people come to buy. Natural light is also healthier for you, with vital vitamin D and a relaxing smooth light instead of powerful artificial light. When done right, glazing aimed at letting in maximum light is bold and stylish, adding the icing on the cake of your extension or refurbishment. Origin bi-fold doors provided by Multifold are a perfect example of stylish glazing that can change the feel of a room. 

How do I achieve natural lighting?

There are many different ways to bring natural lighting to your project. One method is to create larger windows with complex glazing. Many people are now having entire walls converted into glass walls using bi-folding doors. This gives you the ability to let light into a large room such as a kitchen or dining area. These windows are usually designed to be situated on the ground floor and create a link from inside to out seamlessly. They also provide fantastic insulation and security whilst adding a stylish and modern feel to your home.

Another, more common method is to use ‘Skylights’ in the roof of your building. These have the ability to let light into the room throughout the day. They are also popular in loft conversions where strong, natural light is vital or when planning permissions are limited. These windows are also not too large so you will not face the temperature fluctuations a conservatory can create.

Different rooms, different styles

If natural lighting is going to be the way forward then thinking about how different rooms will benefit is the next stage. Different areas of the house may require different windows. For example with a north facing room that doesn’t get much sunlight it would be a waste of time putting huge windows there. In rooms like this it would be best to have smaller windows and if it’s a bathroom perhaps privacy glazing or switchable privacy glass if you really want to go all out.

For more spacious areas, such as dining rooms or kitchens, larger windows are good options. Building large panels makes a bold modern statement and also lets huge amounts of light in. If creating a ground floor extension bi-folding doors can increase the feeling of space as the room expands into the garden.

Buildings based around natural light

When starting a new build it is good to know that there are certain buildings that can be purely based around glass. Conservatories are the most common glass based building. This is because they are a good way of enjoying our short British summer. However they do have their down sides, in the winter they become very cold and even though heating them is possible it is an expensive process. There is also the problem of the summer turning the conservatory into a greenhouse. An alternative to a conservatory is a sunroom. A sunroom usually consists of an insulated roof and one insulated wall. Then the rest of the room would be made of large amounts of glazing to let the light in, whilst still being able to control the heat like a regular room. This is another opportunity for Origin bi-folding doors to make an appearance and let as much sun as possible into the room, whilst keeping the security and temperature control of a regular room.

Why choose natural light

Natural light is stylish, efficient and a different way to light your house. If used in the right way the range between large glazing and small privacy windows can change the feel of your house as well as making it a more relaxed and healthy environment.

Multifold Doors for maximising natural light

We provide bi-folding doors for a variety of building situations, perfect for adding a stylish and natural look to your extension.

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