How to make your extension ‘Green’

In the current climate moving up the housing ladder to a larger property can be tough so many people are extending. When building an extension you have the opportunity to design a building your way with your ideas. As you’re making your house bigger you’re going to need more lighting, heating and building materials. So how do you go green?

There are many ways to go green and here are some of our favourites:

Heating and Insulation

One of the biggest contributors to the ever growing problem of carbon emissions is inefficient heating methods. Our fantastic British weather makes heating vital and with added areas created by an extension there will be more space to heat. Having radiators heating every room when you just want one is a huge waste, adding ‘Smart Heating’ can change this. Smart heating is a valuable addition and if you select the right one for your home you can save money as well as being green. You could go back to basics and heat your extension with a wood burning stove, these give off vast amounts of heat and also look fantastic. However there is no point in adding these changes unless you have efficient insulation. Windows, doors and roofs are all susceptible to heat loss, especially in the winter months when the cold and wind combine to make a nasty cocktail. Invest in some good Origin bi-folding doors or aluminium windows and it won’t be long before you’ve made your money back.


There are a variety of light sources available from inefficient, eco-unfriendly incandescent bulbs to healthy natural light. LEDs provide a strong, stylish light which can be used in a wide variety of locations and with their small design don’t take up much space in your extension. With well-placed windows such as roof windows or Origin bi-folding doors a room can be lit until sunset. This method is particularly effective for a long extension such as a galley kitchen where exposure to sunlight is prolonged.


Once the materials arrive at your house most of them have already damaged the environment with heavy transport and factory emissions. Using recyclable or eco-friendly materials is always possible in builds. For example using reclaimed wood from old buildings can be environmentally friendly and also stylish if showing naked beams. There is also wood taken from purpose grown forests designed for building. Glass returns as another great material as it provides more than one use. So instead of covering your roof in heavy tiles, fill the space with large, well-insulated roof windows and let natural light in. Using materials that are good insulators is also greener as it means there is less need for heating inside the house.

These are only a few methods for making a house green. There are many more ways to make your house eco-friendly and stylish.

Multi-fold Doors

Multifold Doors provide stunning Origin bi-fold doors to keep the heat in, stay secure and save you money. For more information about the unique products we offer, get in touch today.

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