Ideas for Your Bifolding Doors

Multifold’s bifolding doors can be used in a variety of ways both outdoor and indoor.

Bi-folding Door Outdoor Use
Origin bi-folding doors are designed to create a seamless divide between your home and garden. With large secure windows you’re able to see your garden and smoothly open the doors when you want access. The real advantage of the bi-folding system is that you can take what would be a wall and turn it into a large open space. When leading onto a garden this makes the room brighter and seem a lot larger. Sun rooms are one of the most popular methods of using this technique. A sunroom is when you have two of the four walls of a room made from glass, whilst the others are a standard, well insulated material. This lets large amounts of light in during the summer whilst keeping the room cosy in the winter.

Creating a conservatory can get around planning permission complications and also give you a room to enjoy in the summer. Origin bi-folding doors can give a conservatory extra space and are one of the most popular places to have them installed.

We find extensions, especially kitchens and dining rooms where light and space can have a major impact on the room are also very popular. Having such a large amount of glass can have a great impact on visitors with a modern and different approach to garden doors.

Bi-fold Indoor UseOrigin bifold doors in an office space
Origin bi-folding doors are mostly used in extensions where there is the opportunity to change the way the house opens up onto the garden. However they are not limited to this position. A bifold door’s primary function is to divide space, whether that is between a kitchen extension and a garden or a dining room and living room. Bifold doors can be used just as readily indoors as well as outdoors.

Dividing rooms with bi-folding doors and then finalising the partition with bespoke made blinds is a great option. Small houses would benefit from this, especially those in Victorian terrace housing where two ground floor rooms have often already been knocked through into one.

They are also useful in large offices where meeting rooms may want to be changed in size or areas opened up for events. Restaurants and bars often use bi-folding doors to help divide up sections of their premises, such as separating a bar from a restaurant at peak times. Bars are using the versatility of the bi-folding door to create different areas when needed; such as private parties.

Multifold Doors
Multifold Doors provide a bespoke service supplying you with high quality bifold doors, windows and blinds. Using these products in a variety of ways can completely change the feel of your property. From the natural lighting in your kitchen to the way your office is laid out, Multifold bi-folding doors gives you the opportunity to change.

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