Safety and Security of the Origin Bifold Doors

Multifold Doors sell and install Origin bi-folding doors which are some of the best bi-folds on the market. However, bi-folding doors are very different and sometimes questions of safety and security are raised.

Many people are unfamiliar with the way bi-folding doors work and just see lots of large folding glass panels as a hazard for small children. The mechanism is designed to be smooth and simple so the panels fold neatly together. Between these panels is ‘finger safe’ cushioning to make sure no harm comes to exploring little fingers. With the large amount of glass involved another concern is that it could break, however that is not a problem as Origin’s bi-folding doors and windows are double or even triple glazed. They have been hurricane tested using an air cannon, wood was fired directly into the glass at 90mph and very little damaged was caused.

As the mechanism relies on more than one set of hinges people often believe that this is the weak spot of the bi-folding door. Origin bi-folding doors have strengthened aluminium hinges to keep the doors stable if someone tries to lift them out of place. The rest of the locking mechanism on Origin’s bi-folding doors is just as secure, with a truly powerful system. Origin has created a door with a number of security features such as; a Magnum lock cylinder which is far stronger than most lock cylinders, this is usually the weak point on a door. There is also the eight point locking system and solid Yale handles. Origin bifold doors are Pas 23 and Pas 24 accredited, meaning that they not only passed security tests but excelled in them. This is another aspect of the quality and care that goes into Origin bifold doors and is carried throughout the product.

These features are key to making Origin bifold doors stand out from the crowd. Security and safety are a priority to us. Our doors can’t be solely aesthetically pleasing; they have to be able to do their job as a secure divide between you and the outside world.

Multifold Doors
Multifold Doors provide a bespoke service supplying you with high quality bifold doors, windows and blinds. Using these products in a variety of ways can completely change the feel of your property. From the natural lighting in your kitchen to the way your office is laid out, Multifold bifolding doors give you the opportunity to change.

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