Keep Cool with Origin Blinds

Over the past month we have had record breaking temperatures. With numbers hitting the mid 30’s at the suns height and the nations sleep disturbed – it has been a time of pros and cons. So how will Multifold Doors cope with the heat?

The Origin bi-folding doors and windows we sell are heavily focused on bringing the outside in and opening up space as well energy saving and high security. The type of heat we’re seeing now is exactly what you want when using your bi-folding doors: hot enough to eat outside and chat until the early hours. Taking advantage of the large open areas bi folding doors create, you can now open the rest of the house up to a nice flow of air, cooling the rest of the house down. Now is the time when you will really appreciate having installed bi folding doors.

With the windows closed sunlight can quickly heat up a room, and that’s why we stock a wide variety of Origin’s blinds. These blinds are electric and controlled by either a wall mounted controller or handheld remote. It’s a very quiet system that won’t ruin your lovely summer’s day or interrupt the cicadas at night. Origin blinds are made from tough, high quality materials, which come in a variety of colours. The blackout fabric of the blinds is behind the fabric you choose, guaranteeing you protection from the heat of the sun but your own style on the inside. One idea is to have a light fabric interior to make sure the room keeps that summer feel, which is now free from the heat of the sun.

Our experts at Multifold Doors will be able to advise you on what pattern or colour blinds to have on your bi-folding doors or Aluminium windows. The blinds are also interchangeable meaning that if you wish to change the style of a room and need our help it’s quick and easy.

So for a cool nights sleep, enjoying the evening with friends or just having an open space into the garden contact us, and learn even more here.

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