How have windows evolved?

Since their conception, glass windows have had the ability to exhibit fashion, wealth and power. Romans developed basic colourless pane glass windows in around the 1st century AD however it had been in use for some time in the shape of cups and bowls. Colour had been used on delicate materials since the early Egyptians though we only see glass without colour in Roman examples. The medieval stained glass windows of the church changed this; giving Christians a way of learning Bible stories without the need to read. Now, in modern times, we have looked more at the technology around the glass, with double glazing changing the industry, for example. Our focus today is on what holds the glass, as well as the glass itself.

Bifolding and Sliding Doors are a relatively recent development, many modern houses have large panes of glass on them; some covering huge spaces of an advanced structure. We are only able to have such large surfaces covered in glass because of advanced technology thanks to effective thermal insulation and security, as well as strong laminated glass. Origin focuses on having glass that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, whilst still being able to withstand hurricane weather conditions and impacts of 90mph.

If you look at houses that are over 100 years old, you will see there is a significant difference in size and number of windows compared to houses of today. One room in an old house may just have a single large window whereas the same sized room in a modern house could have a whole wall made of sliding or bifolding doors. This lets in far more natural light into the room giving it a fresh natural feeling.

Those early windows were made of thin, single glazed glass. It is easy for small cracks and drafts to emerge in the thin glass and a good knock or hard storm can break it.

If we look at some of the most modern and stylish buildings today they are covered in glass and many of their main features are glass-based. Over time, the way we use windows has changed enormously; from a show of wealth or ownership of a property by a certain Lord, to a way of making a building truly different. With our windows and doors you can make your house truly stand out without having to worry about heat, safety or security. With Multifold Doors and Origin Windows there is the freedom to create your perfect project.

Multifold Doors keeps up to date with the latest trends in the glazing industry. We are soon to be releasing some new products, which like our bifolding doors focus on customisation, extremely high quality and expert service.

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