The 5 Best Ways to Turn your House into a Space Station

The internet and digital technology is spreading into our lives faster every day; the internet of things is no longer a novelty but a way of life. But what are the coolest and most impressive gadgets to put in your home?

  1. The Nest Cam has got to be one of the most extravagant and futuristic gadgets available for your home. As well as being a camera and so much more it looks like something out of War of the Worlds. This camera lets you see almost everywhere in a room from its swivelling base. And with two way audio it could be terrifying for the unsuspecting burglar to hear a voice in the darkness. This little box of fun also includes powerful night vision and a detailed zoom to keep an eye on those pesky kids. The best smart camera all round, see your house wherever you are via your mobile device and even talk to it (if that’s your thing).
  2. A gadget and proof that the internet of things truly exists is the iKettle. As you can probably guess this is a kettle that can be turned on via your mobile device, meaning you can have a hot drink as soon as you get home. It can also be put on timed so it’s ready when you’re not quite prepared to face the world.
  3. In ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’ a robot called HAL is in control of the ship and soon becomes homicidal. The Amazon Echo is not quite HAL but is incredibly powerful and also personal. The Echo is a Bluetooth speaker, however it also has the power to control other smart systems in your home all from one hub. And this hub is voice activated with an incredibly advanced voice recognition system, meaning you can turn the heating on by giving an order to a black tube with an eerie blue circle around the top. You can even shop online and make a purchase purely by talking to ECHO, make sure to thank it!
  4. There never seems to be any time to do anything, especially to make your favourite slow cooked food. Roll out the Belkin WeMo Smart Slow Cooker. This mobile device controlled slow cooker is one of the more useful pieces of smart kitchen wear. Control the temperature, process and cook times from your mobile device so that when you get in from work there is no waiting for your wonderful banquet. If you are an anxious cooker you can also keep tabs on how your food is doing to make sure it’s done just right. It’s not any slow cooked quail, its mobile device slow cooked quail.
  5. Our final spaceship piece for your home is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. This fridge is not as friendly with other smart devices as the previous products are. It is an all in one member of the family. The fridge has the ability to create schedules, send notes to users, play music, it can even order food when you are low a particular item, and it also has a TV if your slow cooker wasn’t programmed. This fridge’s cherry on the cake are the three cameras inside. Every time the door is closed the cameras take a photo and send it to you via email. This means that regular shopping lists are a thing of the past. Now you’ll know if you have enough mustard for your space age sausages.
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