The Best of British

Since Britain has left Europe we have seen a variety of events thunder through the country. From the pound increasing then crashing to a 31 year low, a two year delay or it not happening at all Brexit has been a ride so far. Thankfully this slight chaos will not affect Multifold Doors as it is a British company with its factory based in High Wycombe. Customers can choose a company who are based locally instead of looking at the larger brands who may be from outside the UK.

The process of buying and installing begins with your choice of door. This can easily be done through our Door Configurator. You will probably develop a variety of ideas based on the results from our quote, architects designs if they are present and examples you’ve seen perhaps online or from friends who already have them. At this point your mind will be excited and looking for different approaches, this is when our experts come in. With decades of experience in the British glazing industry we know what will work with different homes and can provide helpful advice when needed.

There are a huge variety of homes across Britain, each style changing with developments of the country and era, whether that is industry with huge rows of ‘workers cottages’, grand classical buildings brought with the wealth of the Empire and even the oldest properties wedged into crowded cities when walls were still a restriction. Every home is different and we make a point of adapting and being there to help.

If you have a smaller space and want a three leaf door or a larger space with enough leafs to cover an entire wall each door faces similar challenges. We are here to provide you with the best possible help when choosing your bifolding doors, whether that is advice on colour, door furniture or size we can help you.

When the time comes to install your bifolding doors you may have the option to use your building contractor as they could be a certified bifold installer. Or if needed you could call one of our professional installers to come and fit it for you. The installation of Origin bifolding doors must be perfect for you to truly experience the pleasure of a smooth bifolding experience.

Multifold Doors and Origin also insist on perfection and complete customer satisfaction, we want to make sure you always feel in charge of your build. So when it comes to buying bifolding doors remember that we are a British firm with years of experience in the sector and we would love to be involved in your project.

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