Top Winter Warmers

Winter is settling in and it’s nice to come home to a warm house or heat up quickly! Technology ranging from strange looking heaters to the most simple of curtains we all like to keep warm in our own way. Here are some of the most interesting ways of keeping warm this winter.

The Dyson AM09 hot and cold heater/cooler is a fantastic piece of kit. Unlike traditional plug in heaters that relied on hot elements with fans or electric radiators the AM09 is completely different. Dyson have created a fan that works in a similar fashion to a jet engine, as by it takes in room temperature air runs it through and blasts out lovely war air at high velocity. This is a way of producing heat that can be focused directly onto you, unlike radiators or electric heaters. The AM09 does also have another setting which means it can spread the love of heating a room; this is a stylish and quick way of getting powerful warm air.

Tin foil is often used for wrapping food and making helmets so the FBI can’t read your mind. However it does have other uses! Radiators, especially ones located on an exterior wall emit their heat into the wall and thus disappearing. So wrapping the back of your radiator in a cover of tin foil can create a layer of insulation that reflects the heat into your room.

A little interior design never did anyone any harm, and if you want to improve your insulation why not try some out? A good place to start is the curtains; if you have large or poorly insulated windows then heavy, thick curtains can make a big difference. Make sure to keep them open during the day, even though it may feel cold but you will be letting in the days warm natural light. Another interior design move would be to add rugs to your current floor especially if the floor is a bare material such as wood. Floors account for 10% of heat loss and securing this heat not only improves insulation but also keeps your toes nice and cosy on a soft, warm surface.

It’s the little things. Keyholes, cat flaps, windows, or doors that don’t quite seal are all perfect examples of small gaps in insulation that actually make a big difference. A keyhole, which isn’t covered is asking for trouble as the cold winds whistle into your home. Post flaps are the same but these can also be covered easily with a simple draft excluder. Loft doors are often overlooked as a source of drafts. They lead into the coldest area of your house and should be well insulated. If you watch for the small cracks and little holes you’ll be able to keep yourself that bit warmer.

Fancy a nice warm fire but don’t have a fireplace? Try the Dimplex MicroFire for size. This is a portable electric heater with a difference; it looks like a fully functioning fuel fire. The illusion is quite amazing; a fine water mist is released and the light from the imitation logs and coals lights it up to look like flames and smoke. This is a little portable heater and not as powerful as some of the others available. However it has the world’s bestselling flame effect so is perfect for the festive season.

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