Things to consider when buying bi-folds & patio doors

Bi-fold and Patio doors are a long term investment for your property, it will increase the value of your home and be a permanent fixture you see day in and day out, as any door or window would be. So it’s essential that you are not only 100% sure on the model and colour, but that you take into consideration your surrounds, e.g. overlooking neighbours, which could cause you issues further down the line. 

Planning considerations

The first thing you should consider is the planning implications, this predominantly applies to extension plans and self-build projects, as supposed to replacements or renovating existing space. In 2013 changes regarding planning laws were made with the intention to make it simpler for homeowners to carry out extensions without an extensive administration process.


If the door in question is forecast to be installed on the back of a newly built extension, the location where you plan to build, as well as the type of extension you are planning is a key consideration. Planners are strongly advised to assist you, taking into account the varies factors related to your build, such as if the property resides the outside the boundary set by your local council or if your extension would extend past your land.


Taking into consideration the effect your-self build project or extension will have on your neighbours is important. Planning authorities will assess the impact your proposed project will have on neighbouring properties, although any objections will have to show clearly how the development will have adverse effect on the circling residents. Common factors to consider are light restrictions and privacy concerns. If your bifolds are overlooking your neighbours’ gardens or blocking light into a habitable room e.g. Their living room; you should consider if redesigning your project to make it a little narrower or shorter would lend its self to more neighbour friendly proposal.

Conservation Areas and Listed Buildings

Where concerning extension work done in conservation areas you will certainly have to work closely with the Planning Department to ensure the result is a design that is in keeping with the existing property. Truthfully there is considerably more work concerning planning when it comes to extensions and alterations to properties residing on conservation land; however it is one of the extra responsibilities that is known at the time of purchase which comes attached with owning such a property envisioned to be preserved.

Timescale and Procedures

Applications for extensions should be processed in a matter of weeks, with the outcome of your application being reasonably prompt. If the proposed build has any objections there will be obvious delays, therefore in your best interest it’s recommended you do your research and communicate with your local authority in advance to verse you in the expectations they have. This can save you a lot of hassle and time, especially if you want the construction take place within a strict time frame.

The amount of official forms can vary project to project, a typical cost of total applications ranges around £400, with some local authorities possibly charging for pre-planning advice.


Here at Your Price Express we understand every customer has a budget, we get a wide range of individuals who come through our doors every day, from new homeowners who want to renovate before moving in, to pensioners who want to enjoy their retirement in their dream home. Budget can quickly get questioned once factors like extension costs rise, materials change and contractors extending the completion date. When it comes to Bi-folds and Sliding doors the quality of hardware and design varies across the market and parts, such as the running gear on a sliding folding door plays a vital role in it’s long term reliability.

We recommend you chose the best door for your property, even if that means holding off your purchase temporarily until you can comfortably buy the best quality, after all you’ll probably have this door in your home for the remainder of your stay at the property. We advise industry leading Origin Bi-folds/Patio sliders which encompasses premium aluminium and a 20 year guarantee, you can order them in dual colours from a range of 150 RAL colours, to suit just about any decor you have, indoor and outdoor.

Why aluminium over uPVC & timber?

By nature the uPVC Bi-folds and Patio doors construction is prone to expanding and contracting slightly in more intense weather conditions, leading to possible operational issue. Although completely natural, temporary problems and difficulty with opening your windows and doors can be inconvenient. Appearance wise they are always thicker than aluminium doors, if you observe any uPVC door you will instantly notice bulkier hinges and more obtrusive hardware.

Timber whilst being on the upper end of the price range for these doors, its upkeep can be tiresome for some as routine care is a necessity. If paint work gets damaged on timber doors it must be sharply repaired to avoid additional discrepancies spreading along the door. Aluminium’s advantage is that it won’t warp, rot, twist or suffer should water soak the material, it definitely stands strong amongst the elements.

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