Are corner bifolds a good idea?

Made to measure bi-folds can help open up a room, creating beautiful views of the outdoors while bridging the gap between inside and out by providing a wide opening space. There are many different configurations you can choose, consisting of multiple door leaves which stack to one or both sides of the door frame. One of the less commonly selected configurations is corner bi-folds, which involves bi-fold running down two walls of an area such an extension. But are they a good idea for your home? Here are some considerations.


A 90-degree opening will be created by corner bi-folding doors, meaning that two adjacent walls may need removing. One of the biggest considerations will be whether a corner post is required, and you’ll need a structural engineer to survey your property. They’ll assess whether your home it structurally sound enough to support corner bi-folds. Only certain structures will meet the required standards, which leave part of the ceiling or flat roof overhanging without complete supporting walls below.

The most desired outcome is for a corner post which doesn’t obstruct your view, offering a wide aperture when the doors are fully open. This type of corner bi-folds are often possible if you’re planning to install them as part of a project which hasn’t been built yet such as a new extension. Your design team may opt for cantilever steelwork on the roof, allowing the corner post to move to one side when the panels are opened. Aluminium bi-folds are the most suitable frame material to select as they’re strong and come with slimline profiles.


While the look of corner bi-folds can be absolutely stunning (the views are incredible!), you’ll also need to consider how this will affect the way you use the space. For example, it may limit how many items of furniture you can fit in the room or where they’re positioned. The last thing you want to do is to reduce access in and out of the extended access you’ve created or obstruct the expansive views. You’ll also need to think about where the door leaves will stack once opened.


While installing corner bi-folds means you create amazing views of your outdoor spaces such as your garden or terrace, you’ll also need to consider your privacy. If the back of your house is overlooked by neighbours, could installing corner bi-folds give them unlimited views of this area of your home? You may decide to install blinds for bi-folds in these cases which can be built into the cavity between the glazing sheets. There are many options for controlling your blinds, always be sure to seek advice before choosing which one may work for your bi-fold configuration. Of course, you may also decide that privacy will be too much of an issue with corner bi-folds and opt for a more standard configuration along one wall.


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