Where to Install Your Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are some of the most versatile types of doors available today. The ability to have a simple one leaf fold to an entire wall of folding glass gives them a completely separate property from most doors. There is also the ability for the doors to be placed on the corners of buildings, which is a major appeal to many customers. The question of how to make best use of your bifolding doors has a very personal answer.

Many customers install their bifolding doors in extensions as they have an opportunity to do whatever they want to a new and flexible space. This position is often an extended kitchen or living room. Having bifolding doors in the kitchen is so popular because of the huge amount of natural light that the doors let in, especially if the area is a kitchen and dining room in one space. The same reason often goes for having the doors in a living room. There is also the added relaxation factor in the living room, one could sit on the sofa and enjoy a panoramic view with the doors open or closed. Another popular area for bifold doors to be installed is home offices. These are often smaller rooms than living spaces or kitchens and have limited natural light. We see many customers treat their offices as creative spaces and are open to enjoying large panoramic views.

Some of our most exciting projects have been through extensions, one being a corner installation creating an uninterrupted panoramic view. Another was creating a sense of ‘bringing the outside in’ by installing bifolding doors along one side of an indoor swimming pool. Because of their great insulation the doors kept the pool warm in winter and wide open to the English Summer.

In the end the best place to install your bifolding doors is up to you; however architects and builders will recommend wise choices. We have our own preferences and we will do everything, using all our experience to help you meet your idea of a perfect bifolding door.

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