Autumn is Multifold Door Season

Winter is coming. The weather is getting colder and the warm sunshine is fading away. Being inside cold, poorly lit rooms with only views of the cloud and dark sky outside can get you down. So to change all of that open up your house to increased light, warmth and views of more than the dark, install bifolding doors.

Now is the time to get orders in for your bifolding doors before the busy Christmas rush (when it starts to get really cold). Our Origin bifolding doors are incredibly well insulated with secure locks and hurricane proof glass (tested in America by firing a piece of wood at 90mph into the glass).

Having a panoramic view during winter can be just as pleasant as summer with the changing colours of trees and hopefully snow! At the same time you would be letting all the natural light available into your home, making it more like a living space than an bulb powered house. Those bright chilly days can light up an entire room.

Bifolding doors are incredibly efficient at keeping the heat of your house firmly inside, using the latest glazing technology it’s possible to significantly reduce your energy costs this year. As the days get shorter Multifold Doors also provide Origin Blinds for the doors to make the house feel cosy, whilst at the same time giving you privacy and security.

As always keep that panoramic view and enjoy the moon at night or the frost in the morning through the large windows. You may not want to bring the outside in this winter but staying in touch with it is a relaxing experience.

We provide a completely bespoke service at Multifold Doors helping you find your perfect door this autumn.

As the cold comes in, don’t hesitate, try out our door configurator and explore the possibilities of an Origin Bilfolding door installed by Multifold Doors.

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