Problems with Fireplaces this Winter

If you have a fireplace, it’s most likely you will be using it this winter. But is it ready to be used? Open fireplaces, log burning stoves; they all need to be cleaned. Maybe you’re used to just cleaning the hearth or the glass, but there’s good reasons for cleaning the entire chimney.

If it has been several months since you last used your fireplace, the chimney will be filled with a mixture of soot, leaves, bird feathers and droppings, even bird nests. When soot is moved around by winter winds, it can be broken into a fine dust and catch fire. Using ‘smokeless’ coal will only solve this problem to a certain extent: the chimney should still be cleaned.

A chimney fire can be hard to spot and, because it spreads quickly, it is often too late when you do. This is why spending time and money either buying a chimney sweeping kit and doing it yourself or hiring a chimney sweep is worth it. Have a look around your area for a good chimney sweep if you are unable to do it yourself. For more information, click here. For aesthetic reasons, cleaning a fireplace or wood burner should be of importance throughout the year, especially when it’s not being used. However, when winter does come, it’s vital that the fireplace or stove is attended to. Ash must regularly be removed as it goes up the chimney and adds damage to the fireplace. Because many old houses still feature their original fireplace, the grills at the bottom of fireplaces should be checked for strength on a regular basis. If you have a stove, make sure it’s kept clean from large clumps of soot for safety, but also for aesthetic reasons: it’s always nice to clearly see the flames flickering away if your stove is glass fronted.

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