Open Up Your Floor Plan and Bring the Outside Inside.

Most of the homes in the UK built post World War II favoured smaller, intimate rooms. There are practical, social and health reasons to consider these type of floor plans in a new home or in a remodel.

The biggest reason to consider this type of floor plan may be financial. If you are remodelling, you might consider open floor plans because they are proving to be economical in terms of energy consumption. Most post WWII homes are in need of insulation to reduce energy consumption.

Some single persons and couples without children are opting for totally open living space that includes open bedroom spaces that can be on the same level or different levels from the living areas (think loft apartments). Whether the remodel calls for a combination of open and closed spaces, the undeniable trend in remodeling is for the creation of one or more great rooms.

Great rooms typically incorporate a number of rooms, such as the dining room, living room, library and kitchen into one spacious room that serves all these functions. The popularity of open space floor plans is buoyed by the change in lifestyle that our culture has adapted.

In many homes, the most unused space is the living room. Once the centerpiece of the home’s social atmosphere, the formal living room is too formal for children, too formal for a computer or television and as a result is wasted, unused space. Homeowners have realized it is time to tear down those flimsy walls and open up the floor plan. While at it, dining room walls, family room walls and kitchen walls are also disappearing. The result is one, big great room with lots of glass and lots of folding doors that bring the outside inside.


Natural light is in. It is popular to help reduce energy costs. Natural light is healthy and brightens the emotions. More and more Brits are finding ways to make their garden, porch, patio or deck functional parts of their floor plan. The bifold glass door is the tool that can tie these features to the living space.

These doors to exterior venues or internal rooms open the floor plan for high sociability and the natural beauty of the outdoors is a very comfortable setting for everyone. Highly insulated glass folding doors bring your outside barbecue delicacies to the dining room table with ease.

Imagine being able to enjoy your garden and landscape from anywhere in the house. Imagine days filled with sunshine and evenings filled with fresh air. Bi-folding doors allow these possibilities and also make the space feel and look bigger than it is. The more interior walls the home loses, the brighter and more functional the living space becomes.

Opening the Kitchen
The open kitchen is one of the most popular remodelling schemes. Today, we want to interact while we cook, while we clean the dishes and while we dine. Opening the kitchen to the rest of the living space allows for lively interaction on a family or social level.

Have you ever noticed how every party in a closed living space home migrates to the kitchen? The kitchen has become the home’s social hub. Drinks and food are located here, and it usually consists of floorspace that is handy for conversing with friends in an informal fashion. That is certainly not what we envisioned. Socialising in the kitchen does have some downsides; anyone attempting to cook whilst others loiter in the kitchen knows of these difficulties! Tear down those walls, bring the outside inside and watch your home transform itself into the ideal, contemporary living space that will allow you and your guests to thrive in a warm, bright setting.

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