The Benefits of Natural Light in The Home

There is nothing quite like flooding your home with natural light, expanding your living space and allowing the sun to brighten your the interiors of your property. Bi-fold doors allow you to bring the outside to the inside, and provide the perfect link to the garden in summer.


Allowing a flood of natural light into the interior of your home will reduce the need for artificial lighting, cutting your electricity usage and greatly improving efficiency. In the summer months, the sun is shining for long hours, meaning that you won’t need to turn the lights on until late in the evening. But the benefits are year-round, and bi-fold doors are also extremely energy efficient, having been constructed from recycled aluminium, meeting all energy regulations. These patio doors not only allow light to enter, but this light also provides heat – reducing the need for turning on the heating.


Not only does natural light assist in reducing energy consumption, but it also provides a number of health benefits. Multiple studies have proven that exposure to plenty of natural white light promotes healthy living, reduces stress, and increases productivity. It is also clear that natural sunlight can lift people’s spirits, as we can witness anytime the sun is shining in Britain!

Sunlight is a key provider of Vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Sufficient Vitamin D is proven to improve immune system as well as maintaining brain performance. Studies have also shown that people subconsciously seek out sunlit areas, and that natural sunlight reduces eye-strain, thus reducing headaches and improving vision.


Installing bi-fold doors into a workplace can provide these advantages to a workforce, aiding in concentration and productivity. At Multifold Doors, we also provide bi-fold doors to businesses as well as homes. A bi-folding door can also give a restaurant or pub a bright and vibrant interior, linking from the interior to the garden – especially important in the summer months.

Bi-fold patio doors not only allow you to extend your living space beyond the inside, but they also bring the benefits of natural light to you and your family, no matter what time of year it is.

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