Interior use of Bifolding Doors

Multifold bi-folding doors are usually constructed on the divide between home and garden. However this is not their only use, bifolding doors are incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of different ways indoors.

We often see Origin bi-folds installed in the living room of a house that leads into the garden. But what about putting bi-folding doors inside other areas of the house? And where would you put them? The answer is almost entirely up to you and your architect.

Many bi-folding doors used indoors are installed for separating areas of rooms or floors. A single set of bi-folding doors can separate a large room to make two new ones!

The ability to create stylish partitions is one of bi-fold doors main features when used indoors, with the ability to turn an open plan studio into a cosy apartment, separating different areas of the property. With simple style that creates atmosphere, especially when the bi-folds are coated with bright colours or stylish finishes. Multifold provides a variety of colours to either blend in with your interior or make them a statement, ranging from the bold colours of the 1960’s to fine Mahogony finishes, which create a strong and aged presence mixed with modern technology.

The great advantage of bi-folds is the ease of use. At one point there can be a kitchen and a dining room as separate spaces and then when the time is right it becomes a kitchen/dining room.

Our most common placement of indoor bi-folds is between kitchen and conservatory, maximising the light from the conservatory but ensuring warmth in winter. Here are some pictures from a project we carried out in Oxford.

In an office or work environment bi-folds are often used to create meeting spaces which would otherwise be used as part of an open plan office. This system of pop up rooms makes workspaces more flexible and modern.

Multifold bi-folding doors can also be used as a different kind of door where a regular, bland and simple one would be in its place. This once again is a different way to approach your interior design with standout finishes. Particularly with extensions where decisions are not already set in stone by load bearing walls, piping and electrical layout.

Multifold Doors are able to install interior bi-folding doors to your specifications and are happy to advise you on different styles to suit your property. With our years of experience Multifold Doors have seen many different projects, so we know what will work for you.

Multifold Doors provide a top-of-the-range bespoke service supplying high quality Origin bi-folding doors, windows and blinds. We use Origin bi-fold doors because, they are best on the market, and have a large variety of colours and finishes to suit every home.

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