Bifold vs Sliding Doors

The bifold door first started appearing in Europe during the 70’s. Seen in cafés and restaurant fronts, taking advantage of the beautiful sun they became very popular. In the past few years they have peaked in popularity and are becoming a must have for any extending homeowner. However before bifolds became so popular sliding doors dominated the market for large glass doors. Sliding doors are easy to install, have large panes of glass and still reduce the divide between home and garden more effectively than regular doors. Both bifold and sliding doors have their advantages but who comes out on top?

Sliding doors are very popular and have a great set of advantages that top bifolding doors. For example the glass on bifolding doors is limited to an average sized door whereas with sliding doors the size of pane is far more flexible. Having the ability to install such a large area of glass gives the owner the opportunity of panoramic views without having to open the doors. This is a fantastic feature and bifolds can achieve it but only when opened, which reduces the opportunity of a winter view.

As both types of door focus on opening up a large space we must look at the area they present. The sliding door achieves a large panoramic view however the panes stack at one end over the opening. This obviously obscures part of the view and more so than the bifolding door, which neatly folds in rather than sliding on top of one another. Saving this space gives a larger, less obscured panoramic view. However this means that there is still a “stack” of panels at one end of the opening which must either protrude into the garden or the house. Some people have found this to give off an invasive feeling, especially when a large number of frames are facing into the house.

Style wise both have the potential to be modern or classical based on the variants of frames. Bifolding doors possess the advantage of having more framework, which can be customised to great detail with Multifold Doors. For example you can completely transform the look of a building by having your bifold doors in a bold 60’ and 70’s retro colour. Customisation is possible with sliding doors but there is nowhere near the same amount of space that can be altered.

Bifold doors have more versatility than sliding doors in regards to where they can be fitted. For sliding doors to achieve their full potential they have to be installed into a large space with lots of room to manoeuvre the panes. Whereas bifolding doors just need the space for two regular doors to perform the full folding action. Both bifolding and sliding doors have their pros and cons, however with more versatility and customisation the bifold door has to come out on top.

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