Interesting Features For Your Garden

Given our fascination with gardening and making our garden the centrepiece of our property and a source of continuous enjoyment, we are constantly trying to find ways to make it even more appealing.

When it comes to improving our garden, we have choices. If we categorise our possible improvements into hardscape, landscape and ornamental, we can prioritise our improvements and set our budget accordingly.

Gardening purists sometimes think of hardscape as unworthy but a good hardscape plan makes the garden easier to maintain and easier to enjoy. Garden hardscape can include such amenities as paths, either stone, fieldstone or paved, and hard product edges like brick or slate.

Other hardscape projects that allow the garden to be enjoyed from various vantage points are a deck or our personal favourite an attractive patio with seating wall. And, then there is always the gazebo. With any of these choices, when you decide to host some friends, they can come early and stay late on your new fieldstone patio, deck or gazebo and absorb the colour and fragrance of your garden.

Gardeners who are especially devoted to the fruits of their labour can best enjoy their garden with beautiful folding doors that are double-glazed and open over the patio. Throw in some floodlighting and you can marvel at your horticultural genius from inside the home, at the dining room table or from the kitchen all night long. There may be no better way to make your garden part of your home than to open it up with beautiful glass doors.

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One of our other favourite hardscape projects is to dig and install a small pond with fountain. Run your water supply underground and either add a heating coil or keep water dripping through the Winter. Add a natural stone finish around the perimeter and put a few colourful fish in the water and your fountain pond will give you years of soothing sounds and viewing enjoyment.

For the garden designed to bring out the colours and fragrances of our special plants, pay close attention to your beds. Nothing makes a garden look better manicured than a clean edge and fresh mulch. Use mulch that helps improve the soil. We gardeners know that our horticultural skills are only as good as the soil we use.

Regular edging and mulching not only gives our beds the manicured look that symbolised their health but does in fact improve the soil. While you are at it, don’t be bashful about pulling any unwanted weeds that can deprive our plants of the space and nutrients they need to thrive.

Pay close attention to the placement of your flowers. Once you know the sun exposure, plant accordingly. Furthermore, remember your watering schedule. The new collapsible hoses are lightweight and take the heavy lifting out of watering. Planting according to the sun’s exposure, being disciplined about your watering and using top quality soil are three ingredients that ensure your garden will be enjoyable, prosperous and healthy.

Certain ornaments can add personality to your garden. Bird baths and bird feeders just seem to go with the garden. But, there are other ornaments that can tell your garden’s story.

Small sculpted looking ornaments are in vogue but always remember that the best ornaments compliment your plants and flowers and do not become the centrepiece.

Bird baths and feeders are great because they bring colour and soothing sounds to your paradise. If the ornament does not touch the senses, find one that does.

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