Advice on How to Save Energy Costs This Winter

Being energy efficient in the home can save families large amounts of money all year round. This can be especially important in the winter months when we all use larger amounts of energy. When winter comes far more time is spent indoors which increases the amount of electricity used and it also means that a greater amount of energy is required to keep our homes warm.

There are numerous way to conserve the energy – and associated costs – we use each winter ranging from cheap, simple techniques to more widespread changes throughout the home. One of the first things to look at in order to save energy, is where we can stop the heat from escaping our homes.


The windows on a property are one of the key places where heat is lost. As well as reducing energy bills, energy efficient windows can lead to a smaller carbon footprint, better protection from external noise pollution and reduced condensation inside the home. The best way to ensure no unnecessary heat is lost from windows is to install double glazing. These will typically keep heat from escaping as well as stop draughts coming through due to their air tight properties.

If double glazing is too expensive, there are alternatives that can improve the heat retention of existing windows to some extent. One such alternative is secondary glazing. This involves adding a second sheet of glass to existing windows, which won’t be as effective as installing double glazing but comes at a lower cost.

Another much cheaper alternative would be to simply ensure that blinds, shutters and curtains are all doing the best they can at cutting draughts and retaining heat, replacing those that aren’t up to the job.


Just as with windows, doors can be repeat offenders when it comes to letting heat escape from a property, as well as letting draughts in. Draught-proofing is a fairly inexpensive way avoid these issues, with four key areas to think about.

The keyhole can be covered easily with a metal disc. A flap or brush is perfect for keeping the letterbox from letting the cold in. A draught excluder can be used at the base of the frame to stop heat escaping underneath the door and foam, brush or wiper strips can be adhered to the gaps around the edges for an airtight door frame.

Internal doors must also be considered, especially those leading to rooms not usually heated as well such as kitchens or bathrooms. While even just shutting the doors to these rooms can help a great deal, draught excluders at the base should be enough to keep the cold out.


Certain properties may also be at risk of energy loss due to other forms of ventilation, such as chimneys and fireplaces or floorboards and skirting boards. These can all be covered up in various ways and at minimal cost. Other causes of heat loss can attributed to loft hatches, pipework and even cracks in the walls of older properties.

While trying to make a property as energy efficient as possible, it’s also important to note that a certain amount of ventilation is necessary to ensure the air is fresh, dry and healthy. Extractor fans and other vents can be fitted to get the balance right.


Keeping the heat in a house is a great way to stay energy efficient as it means the heating doesn’t need to be turned up so high and this is a very cost effective way of saving energy and money. But there are numerous other ways to stay efficient all year round.

Things as simple as turning off the lights when leaving a room can make a great saving for a household. Add in energy efficient light bulbs and that saving can be increased even further. It’s generally a good idea to turn off or shut down all electrical appliances when not in use, even a charger with a tiny LED light can make a difference. Another top tip is to wait until the dishwasher or washing machine is full before using.

Any of these savings by themselves might not add up to much. But put them all together and the savings can go towards what’s most important each winter – keeping the home warm and cosy without spiralling energy bills.


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