Why Origin Bi-Folding Doors?

Installing Bi-fold doors is a decision many homeowners are instantly drawn to when searching for an alternative opening to their garden with an enhance flow between the inside and outside. Origin Bi-folds, which come flat packed, is on the easier side of installation and has express delivery options, meaning it has never been easier to get one fitted in your home. That said, it’s vital you achieve the right look for you as you are most likely going to keep these doors in your home for the remainder of your stay there. Origin offer a range customisable features on their Bi-fold doors, from the size and number of doors to the colour and threshold level.

When you’re selecting the configurations for your Bi-fold’s you’ll realise it’s not only their appearance that matters but also the functionality you want for them for. If you’re after ease, having all doors sliding to one side is probably your best bet, since it’s one main door and the rest will follow suit in a single slide, gathering on one end. Depending on the size of your opening, a centred French door might work better, where you can pass through the middle of the room instead of either end. Depending on the structure, a Corner Bi-fold could be more suitable for you, giving you an unparalleled view; paired with a removeable corner post, movement and views become unrestricted.

Next you should think about the space you have surrounding the Bi-fold For example,  if you’re limited on room inside we would advise having the doors opening outwards, meaning when open they would gather on the outside of the property, not taking up any unnecessary room indoor. If you would prefer an inside folding door then the newer OB-49, with a slimline of just 110 mm, would aesthetically look better.

Colours & Finishes

With an Origin Bi-fold you are spoilt for choice with a range of over 150 RAL colours spanning Classic Cream 9001 to bold Opal Green 6026 to choose from, and if you feel like you’re compromising by only picking one, you can have dual colours! Having dual colour Bi-folds means you can have two different shades, one either side and if you’re looking for a quicker lead time choose from one of our popular colours, covering an assortment of greys, blacks and white

If you’re matching to a particular item i.e. your sofa, bring in a sample of the colour you want to match and we will get as near as possible to the exact shade; along with static colours we can also get a matt, gloss or woodgrain finish for you. The latter allows you to create a timber-like effect which many people like to remain in keeping with their property’s heritage features, allowing you a choice of frames which look appear as real natural oak, mahogany, walnut or golden oak. All finishes are sprayed on with the same powder coating that is used on cars so you can rest assured your Bi-fold will withstand the harsh British climate.


Finally, no set of Bi-folding doors is complete without quality hardware, Origin has been engineered to perform and built to last. Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in their state-of-the-art UK factory, with every stage of the manufacturing process going through rigorous quality testing to ensure consistent unparalleled standards. They are able to achieve a superb finish because only prime billets of aluminium are used; by avoiding re-melting scraps, they have much better control over its formulation, which provides both visible and invisible benefits.

Want to install bespoke Bi-folds to your home?

Here at YPE, we supply and install a beautiful collection of aluminium Bi-folding doors to properties across Croydon, Sutton, Bromley, Surrey, Redhill, Kingston, South East London, Guildford and Brighton & Hove. If you would like to see some of our outstanding products visit our Sutton showroom, which displays the largest range of Origin products in London. Alternatively if you have an idea of what product you want you can get a free quotation by calling our team on 0203 874 5166 or emailing over rough sizes, item and colour to [email protected].

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