Property Maintenance Tips: How to Clean Your Doors and Windows

In the UK, most businesses, residential property owners and tenants are increasingly conscious of the environment. This new level of consciousness has inspired property owners to look closely at how they maintain their properties and to the chemicals that are used for maintenance and cleaning.

From the foundation to the top of the roof, property owners are examining carefully everything that is used to clean their property. In some cases, this has led to innovative cleaning methods and in other cases this commitment to protect the environment has led to a return to traditional cleaning methods.

One of the interesting cleaning challenges for every property owner is glass. Clean glass makes everything look better and can even increase the performance and productivity of a workforce. However, most property owners now disdain the use of environmentally unfriendly cleaning agents to provide clean windows, mirrors and doors.

Cleaning Mirrors Without Chemicals

Thanks to the invention of the E-Cloth, cleaning mirrors can be accomplished quickly and easily without using chemicals that can hurt the environment. For the best results, add an environmentally friendly agent to plain water and treat the mirror first.

Pay special attention to long standing smudges and streaky areas. You may need a sponge to apply the diluted cleanser. Once you have cleaned the mirror, use the E-Cloth to buff the mirror clean and to eliminate any residual streaks. This is an environmentally friendly way to keep your mirrors looking good.

About the E-Cloth

This is an excellent, environmentally friendly tool to use to clean all glass. The cloth contains many fibres that can make the glass shine and is multi-purpose. Many property owners use E-cloths to clean and polish stainless fixtures.

E-cloths are sold in the UK at the finest department stores. The cloths sell quickly because they are environmentally friendly and they are easy to use. Using E-cloths allows the property owner to eliminate aerosol cleaners that were popular for so long but which harm the environment.

Vinegar, Water and Newspaper

Whether you are cleaning glass table tops, a glass door or windows, the traditional mainstay of vinegar, water and newspaper is an excellent way to clean and polish the glass. This takes a little more preparation and elbow grease than using aerosol cleansers but produces a terrific end product; free of streaks and polished to perfection.

The window’s exterior usually requires a little stronger dilution than the interior windows will. Add extra vinegar when preparing to clean the outside surfaces.

For the interior, use a mixture of one part vinegar for four parts of water. Before applying the cleaner, use a lint-free rag top wipe of loose residue or to soften up what look like stubborn areas. Apply the vinegar and water mixture generously to the surface and polish and clean with newspaper or a lint-free cloth. Newspaper seems to be most effective.

For your exterior window or door surfaces, mix one-part vinegar for three parts water. Use the same application and polishing method.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are good where heavy grime of dirt has built up over time. The drawback to steam cleaning is that it is less environmentally friendly than more traditional methods like vinegar and newspaper.

Steam cleaners require an electric power source so energy is used. However, the electricity helps create powerful jets of steam that can dissolve grease and dirt quickly. Steam cleaners are often used for rooms that must be sterilised. If you have not used a steam cleaning machine before, be careful. It might be wiser to hire someone with a steam cleaning machine because you do not want to damage the frame of the glass.

Cleaning the Window Frame

When cleaning the window glass, it is the perfect opportunity to clean the frame. Cleaning the frame will ensure that there is not a mildew buildup. If you do not use a steam cleaner, use a lint-free cleaning cloth that has been dipped in a fungicide cleanser.

Cleaning the window sills should be part of regular cleaning. Treat the sills like furniture, When you clean the furniture, remember to clean the sills. For some reason, sills gather fingerprints, dirt and food. This is especially true in homes with children. Protect them by cleaning the sills regularly.

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