Patios for your Origin Bi-folding Doors

Having some great Origin bifold doors can change the look and feel of both a garden and a house. However it’s very important what is put either side of the bifold doors. Such as a modern kitchen and dining room one side and a stunning rose covered garden on the other. In this blog I’m going to look at patios and what effect they have on a garden. I will also look at the maintenance and safety aspects of patios.

The patio has been a stylish asset of gardens for many years, whether it’s only a few meters squared to taking up all the free space available. Patios are commonly seen as a section of paving nearest the house before grass. It’s a perfect area for garden furniture that would otherwise damage grass such as heavy tables and bbqs. If kept well a good patio can make a warm welcome into your garden.

Your garden is a place for rest and relaxation, an area where you can enjoy the summer sun and peaceful surroundings. There are a lot of different styles to have and almost every garden will be slightly different in some way, that’s why there is so much flexibility when designing a patio. It is possible to make a patio yourself, however renting the right tools, buying the supplies and making sure you get it spot on isn’t worth the risk. There is also the issue of making a safe patio for a family, both young and old may find uneven slabs a struggle, how can you ever beat the years of experience provided by a professional?

Having large paving slabs are perfect for a patio that would mainly be used for entertainment and garden furniture. Decorative slabs may be better suited to a more artistic design welcoming people into a garden or around a water feature. Patios do require treatment and maintenance. The most effective way to treat your patio regularly is by using a pressure hose. These are great and easy to use; you can even add some detergent to make it extra clean.

Having a patio that goes well with your bifold doors will boost that ‘bringing the outside in’ appeal of the doors. The patio, if kept well is a great part of the garden and a marvellous addition to your home.

Here are a few places to start:

Simply Paving

London Stone

Travis Perkins


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