New Schlegel Q-Lon Weather Seals

We are replacing our previous gaskets with the superior Q-Loin Weather Seal, a more aesthetically pleasing and weather-proof option.

After extensive research and product testing, we are pleased to announce that Origin Easifold doors are now being manufactured using the Schlegel Q-Lon weather seal, in place of our previous interlocking black gasket.

This new seal will be fitted around the perimeter of each door panel. The wedge gasket & glazing gasket will remain black.  We can offer white seals for the glazing, wedge & interlocking gasket on white doors ONLY. Please note, we are no longer manufacturing doors with our old gasket.

As well as being a far superior weather seal to the previous gasket, we are also offering 7 colours of Q-Lon seal to coordinate with our most popular door colours offered on our ‘Your lead time, not ours’ service.

The colours we will be offering the new seal in are:

  • Graphite Grey
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Bronze
  • Light Grey
  • Black
  • White
  • Light Oak

All doors manufactured from now on will use the new black Q-Lon weather seal as standard. Please specify on your quotation and order form if you would like a coloured seal to match the RAL colour.

In terms of cost, there will be no surcharge on Black or white Q-Lon seals. If you specify either Light Oak, Graphite Grey, Chestnut Brown, Bronze or  Light Grey, there will be a 5% surcharge.

You can find further information on the seals by visiting

The new seal has been thoroughly tested by us and we are positive that it provides complete weather resistance as well as being more aesthetically pleasing.

You will receive a call from our sales team either this week or early next week and we will also be sending samples of each coloured seal in the post to you. We plan to visit your Showroom as soon as possible to replace your current interlocking gaskets with the new Q-Lon seal.

For now, please let us know if you would like us to default your orders on white doors to the white seal.

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