Interior Design Trends For 2015

Rumours suggest that 2015 will be the year for reinventing classy luxury and versatility when it comes to interior design.

The new trends for 2015 will include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas and teaming them with exotic motifs and artistic details. Pantone, a global colour authority, has released what it believes to be the big colour palette trends for the coming year.

The nine key colour palettes that are featured in the Pantone View Home and Interiors 2015 forecast play off existing colour combinations and themes in the design world.

The palettes for 2015 are:

Abstractions – seemingly random and contrasting colour combinations.
Style setting – Purple playing off neutral tones.
Botanicum – Natural shades counterbalanced with dusty tones.
Zensations – Shades of blue offset with red, silver and gold.
Urban Jungle – Animal skin tones set against blue-green and yellow- green hues.
Tinted Medley – Peach and pink shades underscored with rose and yellow hues.
Past Traces – Bringing back ‘gently worn’ shades such as faded denim.
Serendipity – Unlikely designs teamed with unexpected colours.
Spontaneity – Upbeat colours complemented by cooler shades.
Pantone hope that these colours will be seen in interior design more and more as 2015 progresses.

The latest colour design trends reflect stylish current trends in fashion design as well as consumer culture.

2015 trends will celebrate personality, serenity and versatility. Experts say that modern interior design is becoming more elegant and sophisticated while showing more individuality and creativity than previous years.

They also say that unique character and charming details are important when it comes to decorating homes and offices.

Old and new design ideas will be teamed together with a fusion of styles to create modern interior trends for the coming year.

Experts also say that softly curved lines, organic shapes and natural interior design colour schemes will dramatically transform living spaces. Popular interior design materials include salvaged wood, metal and stone which adds elegance and luxury to spaces and will dominate interior design trends in 2015.

Metal and wood combinations will be popular trends for classic and contemporary furniture in 2015 as is white marble, a luxurious addition to any interior design scheme.

Eco-friendly is a big theme for the next year with natural and earthy shades and materials being popular with designers.

Experts also say that pleasant and natural room colours and soft pastels set off with grey colours, soft blacks and creamy white tones will reinvent classic decoration ideas and bring beautiful contrasts into contemporary spaces.

It is also suggested that green spaces with large windows and glass wall design ideas will be inspirational for interior design in 2015.

Rustic and retro themes are also anticipated to be popular in 2015 when combined with romantic and classy interior design ideas. They will generate both inviting and functional living spaces.

2015 will also see a surge of reusable and recyclable trends and ideas when it comes to design and decoration. This method will add an individual and unique look to modern interiors.

Floral prints are set to make a comeback over the next year. Although popular in fashion this year, the trend did not overlap so much with interior design but this may change in 2015.

Pastel hues and watercolours with soft, undefined edges are expected to be in during 2015 as are lightweight materials that are reminiscent of water.

As for finishes, embossed or etched designs are set to be the trend for the next year as are mirrored finishes and materials that appear milky, opaque or pearl-like.

A less common trend that could potentially breakthrough during 2015 is the idea of bones, animal prints and iridescent shells. These ideas already feature in current designs on a minimal level and it is possible they will pick up pace throughout the year.

Overall, there are several trends that are set to take off in 2015 and for anyone hoping to reinvent their interiors over the coming year, find the trend that suits you and your lifestyle and run with it to turn your home or office into a beautiful work of art.

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