Five Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home

Nowadays it doesn’t necessarily take huge renovations to improve the value of your home. In fact, there are many little things that you can do to your house to help achieve the maximum potential value, without breaking the bank.


According to real estate agents and investors, the first thing any potential home seller should do is de-clutter their space.

When you live in a home it can become very easy to get used to the level of clutter around your home but really, such a ‘lived in’ look can potentially become very distracting for prospective buyers. The most important aspect of free space is that it gives buyers the opportunity to use their imagination and visualise their furnishings in the property. They can’t do this if your stuff is everywhere!

Big spaces are very fashionable at the moment, but you don’t need an extension to create the illusion of space. Simply tidying bits and pieces away and removing furniture such as coffee tables can really help to introduce a flow in the home.


Just because you aren’t green fingered doesn’t mean your potential buyers aren’t! So many home sellers forget to pay attention to their gardens when they put their houses on the market, but the truth is that the land around a property is equally as important as the property itself.

You don’t have to become a gardener overnight and there’s no need to completely renovate your garden, just lightly pruning and trimming your bushes and hedges and keeping your lawn mowed is enough to give any prospective gardeners an idea of the possibility within your land.


Again, we’re not talking about a complete renovation that costs too much time and money. It’s natural that a house gains a little wear and tear, particularly if you have animals or children.

Jut a splash of paint to repair any damage from stains or scrapes can make the world of difference and leave your property looking as good as new. This is especially crucial in most important rooms in the house- the living room, kitchen and master bathrooms- as they will undergo more scrutiny.


Decluttering and painting is one thing, but cleaning is a whole other story. When your house is on the market, a clean sparkling home can act as a magnet to buyers.

When you deep clean a property you are also monitoring for any damages and maintenance issues. Cleaning helps you spot any current or potential problems which helps you fix them early on before they can before expensive or cause for a potential buyer not to place a bid.


When you stand at the pavement curb and look at your house, how does it look? This is called ‘Curb Appeal’ and its the instant judgement of your property from the outside.

The best way to look at your house and value its Curb Appeal is to take a picture of it digitally, upload it to your computer or laptop, and zoom in. What catches your eye first? Are there cracks? Is the brickwork fading? What can you fix or change about the property to make it more aesthetically pleasing?

When selling you home its important to think about what you look for in a house and to view your property with fresh eyes. What would you be looking for if you were a buyer viewing your house for the first time? As you ready your house for the market it is with a new perspective that you try to view your property.

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